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How to Export Gmail Emails to PST

Their is various email client servers are present other than Gmail such as Outlook. Outlook is the Microsoft email client. It manages emails, contacts, calendar etc. It is in the form of PST format. Their will be a time that we export Gmail emails to PST for Backup or storing the data. In this article we will learn how to convert emails from Gmail into PST using different types of methods.

Manual Solution to Convert Gmail Emails to PST

You can export Gmail emails to PST by manually. But first we have to enable 2-step verification to connect your Gmail with Outlook. their are three stages in this method.

Step (1) Enable the 2 Step Verification.

  1. First enable IMAP of your mail account. For that you need go to your account, click on security option. Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable IMAP radio button. Click saves.
  2. Go to the my account on the google apps and select sign-in and security.
  3. Under password and sign-in method, select 2 step verification and enter a password
  4. On the current page choose start setup. re-enter your password. verify your phone.
  5. Select trust this computer and click on next. Turn on 2-step verification and click on confirm.
  6. This step is done before export Gmail because It connects your Gmail account to the outlook.

Step (2) Add your Account in The Outlook.

Following steps are taken to export Gmail emails to PST with outlook.

  1. First install the outlook application. Click on file option and Select add account.
  2. Enter your mail details. Then click on next.
  3. Press finish button. Now your Gmail is sync with the outlook.
  4. Go to the file. Select the open and export.
  5. Select export to a file and click next. then go to outlook data file (.PST) and click on next.
  6. Select the mail and enable include sub folder. Click next.
  7. Name your file and click finish.
  8. If you want to add a password go to the add an optional password. Click on OK.

Step (3) Convert Gmail Emails into PST

Now we copy our file in the outlook which you have to export Gmail emails to PST.

  1. Go to file. Select open and export. then import and export.
  2. Select import from another file and click on next.
  3. Select outlook data file (.PST) and click on next.
  4. Browse your file and click next.
  5. If you give a password to your file, enter your password and press OK.
  6. Choose your import file to your Microsoft 365 mailbox. Click finish. Your file is successfully convert emails from Gmail into PST.

Limitation of Using Outlook

Using this method to export Gmail emails to PST is free but there is lot of limitation.

  1. First it is very complicated and technical.
  2. The chances of human error is high.
  3. If your process is interrupted by any reason you have to start your process again.
  4. It is very time consuming.
  5. Professional does not prefer this methods.

after export Gmail emails to PST, you cannot see your Gmail account, but it still exists. you can remove your account from the outlook. for that you have to go to the account settings. select your account and click on remove option.

Export Gmail Emails Using Google Takeout

Google gives free utility to export Gmail emails to PST. Following steps are.

  1. Go to google takeout and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on download data. Deselect the check box and select the mails checkbox.
  3. Click on all mail data included and select labels your want and press OK.
  4. Click on next button. Now select the file size and type and choose your destination.
  5. Click on export button. After exporting Gmail sent you a mail
  6. Download the file from the mail. The exported file is located in zip format.
  7. Extract the zip file. Now your file is in MBOX format. You can now import this file to the supported email client. From their you can export Gmail emails to PST. Use SysTools MBOX to PST converter tool to convert your file.

This method to convert your file is also free to use but there is also drawbacks just like with the outlook. Now both outlook and takeout have various drawbacks, then we need a software to export Gmail emails to PST.

Gmail backup software

Use SysTools Gmail Backup Software to convert emails from Gmail into PST. It also backup your Backup your lost data in different other formats. It is highly recommended by the experts. Following steps are:

  1. First install the software and enter your credentials.
  2. Go to activate on the top of screen and enter the activation code. Click activate.
  3. Select email format and select on PST. Choose your data for backup and choose the location of the data.
  4. Now go to the filters and choose folders you want to convert. Choose email which you want.
  5. Click on apply filter. Press start. Your process of export Gmail emails to PST will start.

Benefits of The Software

Their is lot of benefits of using the software. Some of the benefits are:

  1. It is free to use.
  2. You can export Gmail emails to PST at the same time.
  3. It is less time consuming.
  4. You can backup your emails.
  5. It provides advance features.
  6. No chance of human error.

So using the software to export Gmail emails to PST is better than the other two methods mentioned above.


in this article we learn it’s important to save your mails in the PST form there is a number of ways to convert your emails from Gmail into PST format with or without outlook. But the best way is using a backup software. This software take less time as compared to the takeout and outlook. It can convert multiple files at one time.

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