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How to Excel in Science in Schools in the UAE?

As more and more schools in UAE are shifting to an online learning model, students are often finding it harder to understand and study difficult subjects like science. That is why, as a parent, it is very important to encourage and advise your child to use good practices while studying science that will help them score well.

Traditionally, science classes include different practical and lab work that helps students understand the lesson better. But in an online school, most students miss out on the practical part of science, making it harder to learn. So, as a parent, you must keep up with your child’s schoolwork and see if they are concentrating on all aspects of learning the subject.

If your child finds it difficult to understand and study science online, you can encourage them to do the following things every day to improve their performance in science.

Tips to excel in Science for school students in The UAE

Use a study method

Using a study method helps students study quickly but effectively. Let your child use a method that they feel most comfortable with, and help them stick to the method until their exam. Popular study methods include the Pomodoro style, Leitner system, and the spaced repetition method.

Using a study method is extremely helpful for creating healthy study habits in your child. These study methods also help them learn more effectively, so they don’t unnecessarily have to study for long hours.

Go through the lesson after online school

When online school is over for the day, you can encourage your child to start their independent study right afterward. This is the best time to revise and recall the lessons taught in class. Advise your child to go through the class notes and the book to revise each point thoroughly.

They can simply read the chapter as a whole or practice diagrams and charts. They can also highlight the important sections of the chapter using a colored pen. Different colors can help children retain information better.

Compare class notes with your memory

Once the lesson is complete, ask your child to map out the lesson in their own way in a notebook. Tell them to write down each section, definition, and diagrams that they remember.

Then, let them compare their memory with the class notes and the book to see if they have missed out anything. Whatever they have missed needs further practice to improve.

Practice previous question papers from schools in UAE

While studying and understanding science is important, it is also important to practice questions to score better in the exam. The best way to practice for an exam is to look at the question papers from the best schools in the UAE.

Let your child answer each question independently, then let them self-assess the answers to see what they need to improve on.

In conclusion

Your child needs to take appropriate breaks and develop a study pattern that they are comfortable with. It is also not good practice to cram everything just before an exam. Online school may be more challenging for students at first, but once they develop a balance between individual study and online study, they can easily score better in each exam.

With proper guidance and support, your child can easily excel in science exams even when they are studying in the best international schools in the UAE, such as GIIS Abu Dhabi.


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