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How To Do Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup Without WPS button?

The Wavlink extender is a dual-band & blazing transmission speed WIFi range booster. It offers faster & stable network connectivity around your home. The wireless transmission speed of this extender is up to 1200Mbps. This range has completely reached all areas of your home. You can simply & efficiently enjoy HD video, gaming, or transferring long files. The Wavlink WiFi range extender works with 3 modes. Moreover, the external antennas are built-in on the upper side of the extender. These antennas completely boost the WiFi network coverage. But to extend the range of your standard broadband router, the wavlink wifi extender setup is necessary. Without performing the setup, you are not able to expand the router’s network range. 

Furthermore, the Wavlink wireless range extender works with all networks like 802.11b/g/n/a/ac. Besides, the WPS button is built-in on the range extender, which allows you to perform the setup. If you wish to perform the setup without the WPS button, then you can simply do it with a web browser. But for this, you need to get the extender login page. Without this page, you are not able to perform the web browser setup. 

Why is it important to perform the Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup?

If you buy a new extender & wish to improve the WiFi router’s network range, then for this you have to perform the setup. But the router range will improve only when you set it up with a range extender. The WPS button is available on the extender, so you can effortlessly improve the range. This is the easiest way to perform the extender set up with the standard router. On the other hand, there are three modes like a repeater, router, & access point that are compatible with this range repeater. You can simply configure this mode & entirely enjoy the benefits of the three modes.

Thus, to improve the WiFi router’s network range & enjoy seamless network coverage, the range extender setup is most important. There are two ways to perform the extender setup. 

  • Web browser setup 
  • WPS button setup

How to perform Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup Without WPS button?

If you wish to perform the range extender setup without the WPS button, then, you can simply do it with a web browser. The web browser is also allowed to perform the range extender setup in a quick way. But with this setup, the login IP & web address is needed. Through the login IP & web address, you are able to reach the extender’s login page. Through the given-below steps, you are able to perform the web browser setup.

PC setup with Wavlink range extender

To get the extender’s login page, you need to set up the PC with the extender. Because the Wi-Fi network is necessary to get the extender’s login page. The Wavlink range extender entirely supports the ethernet LAN port. Then, you are able to perform the PC setup with the extender. Firstly, decide the PC device location. The position of the PC device should be in the room where your range extender is installed. 

Now, you switch ON the Wavlink extender power, by pressing the extender’s power button. Then, put the Ethernet cable into the provided LAN port of the extender as well as the PC. After that, press the PC’s power button & properly switch on the power. 

Get the Wavlink extender’s login page

After establishing the connection between the PC& the range extender, you have to choose any browser in your PC appliance. On the search bar for this browser, fill up the wifi.wavlink.com, hit the enter button. Then, the login wizard is directly pop-up in the PC window. But the login credentials needed is to log in to the extender’s account. On the available login field, just mention the login details. In the end, click the login section. 

Perform the extender setup with router 

After logging the range extender, you absolutely reached the web management page of the range extender. On this page, you have to click the next section. Then, select your region in the available list. On the next page, choose your own network you wish to expand. You have to fill up the wireless network password in the available password section. To secure the wireless network, configure the WiFi security encryption. In the lats, click the finish section. Now, you can also perform the Wavlink WiFi extender setup with a web browser. This is the way to perform the wireless setup without using the WPS button. 

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