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How to Do SEO! Simple Tips and Tricks

SEO is search engine optimization, a set of techniques to increase the quality of your pages by optimizing internal and external factors.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make your products and, consequently, your online store get a better ranking in search engines. To do this, watch the video below or, if you prefer, check out the step-by-step guide below.

1 – Product Name:

The product name is one of the most sensitive areas for SEO, so be careful with this choice.
In the Integrated Store, the title <h1> will be automatically inserted and will be the product name.

2 – Product URL:

All search engines prioritize friendly URLs, so avoid URLs with a string of special characters and names that can be ambiguous. Integrate your URL is the name of the product, but you can edit it if you prefer.

Make sure the URL structure you choose highlights what the product really is.

3 – General Information:

Data such as measurements, size, weight, and any other aspects relevant to the product you sell, must be included in the general information. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and reflect if all the necessary information is being made available in a clear way.

4 – Full Description:

The complete description of your Integrated Store products is a very important area for organic optimization, in it you can insert titles, internal links, images, and important attributes for SEO. Here you must give all the references your customer needs, create complete descriptions, and prevent the customer from going to the competitor to ask questions.

5 – Tag Title:

Tag Title is one of the elements that most influence Google’s positioning, if not the most fundamental.

The goal of Google’s algorithm is to be able to show individuals the most interesting results for their searches. If we do a Google search and any of the ostensible results match the keyword we searched for, we’re going to have a very bad experience with Google. The Search Results Title helps us to get the results we are looking for faster.

It’s one of the most influential elements when it comes to positioning in Google’s results, if not the most fundamental. Google’s algorithm shows users the results most relevant to their search terms and searches terms. The easiest way to get what we’re looking for is through the title. Contact Here for SEO Services

5- Meta Tag Description:

An article frequently used by Google, which is flagged in the article results of the second and third lines of the search results, just below the title. The content of the objective description has no influence on the look of a snippet on Google. Therefore, there is no need to repeat keywords in this tag. Although it doesn’t get in the way of the opinion, a perfectly worded and attractive description contributes to a higher click-through rate (CTR), and this is effectively believed to be one of the elements used by Google to reinforce the opinion of a result. Furthermore, some terms in the description are emphasized in bold when they are part of the study, helping the user to quickly obtain what he is looking for more easily.

This is just what you have control of within the Embedded Store, but to get maximum SEO success for your Embedded Store store, you need to worry about all the steps in the settings in the Google tools, as well as the sitemap and robots.

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