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How To Decorate Your Room With Handmade Things



A room is where you spend the most ‘you’ time than any other room in the house. This room represents a piece of your mind through how you decorate it. Turning this space into a creative corner of your brainchild is what makes everyone’s room unique to each other. Decorating your space is no less than art. It requires a vision, to see yourself actually turn this empty space into a comfortable living space for yourself. Be it in your home or a dorm room in college, turning spaces into a work of art is a slow and fun process. 

Here are some ways to make your room into a pretty space from handmade things; We all are aware that handmade things hold a special value in everyone’s minds. The amount of effort, time, and energy that went into making handmade products are unmatched. If you are a DIY person or have a knack for handmade things, the following are some ways these specially made products can brighten up your room. 

Handmade Tapestry

Tapestries have been around for centuries now. The huge thick piece of fabric works as a canvas for beautiful intricate uniformed designs, ethnic layouts, and mandalas. The sole purpose of these handmade tapestries is to give the space an ethnic laid-back look and make up for the empty space on the walls. These tapestries utilize vibrant colors and minute details in their design which makes it a work of art. Hanging this art in your space turns it into a creative nook where you can further add it with reading pillows and loads. The most famous design for tapestries is the ‘mandala’. From a spiritual point of view, the mandala represents the beauty of uniformity in the cycles of the universe. The mandala designs create an orb of aura in the room with its circular shape and identical design. 

Handmade lanterns

Lanterns exude aesthetic vibes everywhere. The lanterns make a great source of light when you are having a get-together or a party at your flat. The handmade lantern covers can be made out of paper, jute, or hand-woven cloth. The handmade lanterns can be covered with just about any bright-colored material and it will set the mood for any jam session and bathe your room with every color on the rainbow.

Painting The Walls

Be a kid again as you paint your walls with your friends again. Drawing and doodling on the wall is the best outlet for your creativity. You can paint your empty walls with bright colors, designs, any art which represents your mind. This gives a personal touch to your room where you are your own boss and can change its look whenever you like. Just pick up your brush, grab a friend and be a child again!

Handmade Diaries

Nothing better than handmade diaries and papers. The beautiful books are covered with mirrors, flowers, and beads. These go best when decorated in the living room on a side table. The papers of these books are the best canvas to write on or make lists for the house. 

Ottomans or Small Pillows

These are some of the cutest little things that go perfect with a cozy nook. These little handmade things perfectly fill the gaps of your house or the edges of the sofa. The colorful ottomans light up the vibe of the room and are also a good resting spot for your guests. Sofa pillows and pillow covers are some of those things that make you feel at home. The pillow designs can range from inspiration from the beautiful shapes and structures of Indian architecture or plain and simple floral ones. 

Wall Hangings

DIY videos and coming from a middle-class family, you kind of learn to recycle your old jeans or sew up a combination of multiple pants. These economical ways of recycling your old stuff into something crafty end up becoming an important part of your space. Some turn into wall hangings or cute key holders, some end up being a part of a blanket or a tablecloth. These turned-over crafty things are always a fun story to tell. Everyone has that one odd thing in their space that stands out from other stuff. Wall hangings could be one of your personal sewing projects which you took up one summer. 

In any sense, handmade things possess someone’s time, energy, and efforts. Hence these things are the best accessories to give your space a personal touch. 


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