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How To Connect USB Devices To The Fritzbox 7490 Gigabit Router?

If you have USB devices such as USB printers, network-attached storage devices, and many more. Additionally, this USB device requires Wi-FI network connectivity, so you have to use such a network device that comprehensively sustains USB ports. Then, for the USB devices, you can absolutely use the Fritzbox 7490 gigabit router device. Because it comes along with 8 ports like 4 LAN ports, 2 FON ports, & also 2 USB ports. Then, you are able to establish the connection through the USB ports. Moreover, you can also establish a wireless connection with a single password. The data transfer rate of this router is up to 1300Mbps. Then, you are able to stream HD movies/videos, fast download long files, & even play gaming consoles. 

Besides, the Fritzbox 7490 WiFi 4-port gigabit router is completely compatible with the 11ac network standards. The 11ac network is entirely faster than the 11ax network. The smart status indicator LED light is built-in on the router, then you can positively estimate the excellent position of the router. If you wish to configure the fritz box router with a web browser, then you have to fritzbox einloggen. Afterward, you are able to configure the Fritzbox router. 

Connecting a USB device to the Fritzbox 7490 Gigabit Router

The Fritzbox router has two USB ports, by which you can simply connect your various USB devices to the Fritzbox. All home networking devices that are available in the Fritzbox WiFi router can use the USB port & simultaneously connect your device. 

In this guide, I will tell you how to share a USB printer with the network of the Fritzbox. Let’s start with USB devices connected with Fritzbox. 

Fritzbox 7490 Gigabit router Power supply for USB devices

You can connect your USB devices to the Fritzbox WiFi router. Some USB devices completely require one USB port. To connect the USB device to the Fritzbox router, you have to turn ON the power of the router. 

To switch ON the power, you have to place the Fritzbox near the wall power supply. Then, you have to attach the power cord to the available Fritzbox’s power jack. The power cord end is to be plugged into the power connector of the router. Additionally, the AC power adapter is to be attached to the wall power supply. 

The total current consumption of attached USB devices without their own power supply may not exceed 900 mA. You have to verify the rating plates of the connected USB devices

Connect the USB device to the Fritzbox WiFi router 

After powering on the Fritzbox router, now it’s terms you have to connect your USB device to the Fritzbox. If you choose a wired connection, then you have to require a USB cable. Without this cable, you are not able to establish a USB network connection. Before starting the USB connection, you have to properly verify the position of your USB device. The position of your USB device around the Fritzbox router. 

Now, you have to attach the USB cable’s one end into your USB device’s USB port. Along with this, the remaining end of this cable is completely attached to the unrestricted Fritzbox router’s USB port. In the end, you have to switch ON the router as well as the power of your device with their power button & altogether confirm the connection. 

Enable security to secure the network

To secure the network of the Fritzbox router, you have to enable security encryption. Because the security encryption completely & entirely secures the wireless network. To enable security, you have to access the login admin panel. Through the default login IP, you will be able to access the login admin panel. You have to fill up the login details in the login field, & fritzbox 7490 login the account. On the web management page, you have to choose the wireless setting. Under the wireless setting, the security option is available. 

Now, you are able to enable the security to secure the wireless network. In the available security option, you have to select the optimum security. There are WPA, WEP, WPA2, & WPA-PSK, security encryption. You have to select any one security in the following security. To properly save this setting, you have to click the save section. 

Fritzbox 7490 Gigabit Router review 

In my point of view, the Fritzbox 7490 review is good & better than the other router review. It offers an incredible wireless range because the 11ac network is compatible. The 11ac network completely offers a blazing & higher wireless transmission rate. The smart indicator LED light completely provides the strength of the signal. The wireless AC network offers 3 times faster network speed. Thus, the fritz box 7490 wireless gigabit router is a comprehensively optimum & powerful networking apparatus. 

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