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How To Clean Air Duct Vents – Professional Guide

Many of us are still looking for an answer on how to clean air duct vents. There can be numerous reasons for cleaning the home’s ventilation duct. The central heating lasts longer because of less dirt, people clean the dirt less frequently, and the air we inhale at home is better when the vents are clean. It should be a pleasant relief for allergy sufferers.

We likely won’t have a heavy vacuum system with many hoses, and you certainly can’t afford a service like this. So I’ll show you how to clean air duct vents independently. Clearly, we won’t be capable of reaching each nook and corner, but you can get rid of about eighty-five percent of total dust in the system for much less than the price for a new filter.

Ducting systems are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including for rooftops and basement lines, but the basic principle is the same. Although we may not always be ready to wipe all portions of these systems, you can improve the quality of the air by clearing the parts you can access. The service of air duct cleaning in Alpharetta can be helpful if you don’t want to clean them on your own.

Required Tools To Clean Air Duct Vents

A regular vacuum cleaner with a suitable hose will serve, but if one is available, heavy-duty equipment is preferable.

A toilet brush or whatever is identical will do, but a rigid brush or something similar would be sufficient.

The registers are most probably kept in place by bolts. You’ll have to use a screwdriver, depending on the screws.

If you don’t want to perform a lot of cleaning and dusting after clearing the ductwork, they will come in handy to cover several vents while you clean others.

Clean Air Duct Vents: A Step-by-Step Guide

Make sure to cover the source registers. 

Begin by using paper towels to wrap the air supply vents that deliver warm air. While you operate, you do it to prevent dislodged dirt from blowing into the spaces. Try to lift the register, cover it with the towel, and reinstall it.

Switch on the fan.

When you clean air duct vents, turn on the fan to help move the debris that you’re trying to release with the hammering and scrubbing. Put the thermostat on and turn off the cooling and heating setting so that the fan is the only thing running. If your HVAC doesn’t have a fan-only setting, you can turn on the heating, or you may use it as a chance to upgrade to one that does.

Commercial Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Alpharetta can be helpful in cleaning office buildings that need professional service.

Make sure the cleaner is on. 

Ensure the previous filtration is still in position so the dirt you’ve pushed loose will not be drawn into the fan motor.

Remove dust from the ductwork. 

Remove any dirt that has accumulated in the ducting. Simply pick up the head of the brush and start pressing on any ducting in the downstairs that is reachable. It will assist in breaking any layers of moistened dirt that have clung to the interior of the duct.

Make sure the supplying lines are clean. 

You can now continue brushing the dirt out of your supplying registers. Raise the register with the vacuum functioning as well as the base of the line near the register. Use the nozzle to gather any material that is being blown out by the fan, then wipe as far as the line can go into the register’s pipework. Tear any constructed dirt in the register with the paintbrush. You can collect and discard the paper towels you’ve placed in the supplying registers when you proceed through the home wiping out the registers.

Make sure the air supply vents are clean. 

Now clean the air supply ducts. Manufacturers secure it with a bolt, and therefore, you’ll need the use of your tool to remove it. Scrub and clean as much further back as possible into the duct pipework or cavity.

Turn off the furnace.

Turn off the fan at the controller and its power at the central button or switchboard. Do not simply switch off the thermostat; this would not cut off the whole power.

Wipe up the blower section. 

You may reach the blower section and the air supply boot by removing the covers on the outside of the furnace with the electricity turned off. Remove the debris that has accumulated in the compressor area and the air boot. It’s where the majority of the dirt will gather. You should also clean the fan when you’re in here.

Change the filter.

Purchasing a good filter will significantly reduce the amount of pollution in the house. However, the finer the filtration, the more frequently you must replace it. A clogged filter limits air circulation to the fan, causing the motor to overheat and reduce its durability. The frequency with which you should replace the filter is determined by your residence and location.

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