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How to choose clothes boxes

How to choose clothes boxes

Hanging clothes is a daily task in any house. Choosing a clothesline that suits your domestic needs and your available space is key to correctly drying your clothes.

The fundamental selection criterion is the place of use of the clothesline and the available space.

There are models for all tastes: fixed, mobile, extendable, free-standing, rotating… To place on a balcony, in the bathtub, on the wall or ceiling, a radiator…

Types of clotheslines according to their location

There are different models of clothesline. The choice will depend on a number of criteria. The main aspect that you must take into account is where you are going to place it.

It can be inside or outside the house.

The indoor ones have the advantage that they can be used regardless of the weather. Thus, you will not be aware of whether it rains

it is windy or there is too much sun, with the risk of yellowing the clothes that this entails. Their disadvantage is that they take up part of the space in the house.

It is advisable to avoid placing them in a passage or high traffic area. A great option to avoid this problem is to install ceiling clotheslines, widely used on kitchen terraces, for example.

The outside ones. Its advantage is its great capacity, although it also takes up more space, characteristics that are not a problem since placing it outside

the house does not impede the usual traffic in the home. Its disadvantage is that its use is subject to inclement weather.

If you opt for outdoor clotheslines, you can use accessories such as protectors (plastic to protect clothes) and nets for delicate clothes.

Types of clothesline according to your installation

Clotheslines can also be classified according to the mode of installation. In this sense, they must be superimposed or anchored.

They usually have fewer linear meters of clothesline. The most characteristic is the wings. This type is available in aluminium, resin…

Fixed. They are the ones to anchor.

Both surfaces must guarantee stability and the load that it will resist. .

In the installation, it is important to level it correctly and use the appropriate plugs depending on the type of surface where we want to fix it. Otherwise, when you lay out the clothes, the garments will slide to the uneven side.Clotheslines can be made of . How to choose clothes boxes

With the squares that act as arms to fix them on the painted iron wall. They are resistant to weight. They are usually painted in baked tunnels with special paints that withstand corrosion quite well.
Zinc plated iron. They are zicando by electrolysis,

which is a treatment that consists of subjecting the pieces to a zinc bath, with the main objective of protecting them from corrosion.

Stainless steel. They are resistant to inclement weather. They are suitable for use outdoors and for homes that are located in humid places such as the North of Spain, coastal areas…

Plastic. They are lighter, so you must bear in mind that wet clothes weigh more than dry clothes before hanging them on the clothesline, in order not to carry more load than it can support.

Aluminum. It is a light and durable material outdoors, resistant to corrosion.
Other aspects to take into account


What clothes are you going to hang?

For underwear, socks or small garments, there are specific models: rotating clotheslines. There are also others, also rotating ones that have a mobile arm How to choose clothes boxes

for the outside, so that you can hang your clothes from the window and by turning the clothesline you can comfortably reach all the ropes.

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