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How to Backup Office 365 Email ?

As we all know, Microsoft Office 365 is a popular cloud-based service that introduces fantastic features and facilities. Sometimes, it becomes a needy task to backup Office 365 email to keep the data safe from future mishaps. In this blog, we will learn the ways to take a backup of Microsoft 365 data.

Office 365 is an easy-to-use cloud-based Saas, which most organizations use to manage their emails and other data. It provides Outlook, Team, Yammer, Word, Excel, and many other applications. That is why Office 365 has a large number of users from every corner of the world. So, read this blog until the end to learn about the reasons and solutions to backup Office 365 email.

What are the reasons behind this backup task?

  • Taking a backup of your essential items will help users to keep their data secure from unexpected situations.
  • Backup in the PST file format makes the data portable to local storage.
  • Users can avoid the situations like virus attacks, cyber-attacks, etc.
  • It also helps in freeing up the storage in the cloud.
  • If an employee leaves the organization and, in such a case, organizations want to retain the data.

Rather than these reasons, it could be more factors that can insist users to Backup Office 365 Email into PST format.

How to take a backup of the Microsoft Office 365 data?

Users can implement this backup process with the help of a manual or professional method. Manually, users can go with the eDiscovery method that users can use to perform this task. The manual method may be risky to use. So, to ease the task for users, we elaborated on the step-by-step procedure of the manual method.

Native method to keep a backup for the Microsoft 365 data

Step1: Login to your Office 365 account.

Step2: Then, open the Office Admin center page and press the Security option.

Step3: Choose the eDiscovery manager from the Permission option.

Step4: Now click the Edit button.

Step5: Select the eDiscovery administrator and click the Save button.

Step6: After that, navigate to the Search option and select the content search.

Step7: Then, choose the New search option.

Step8: Enter the name and other required details for your new search. Press the Next button.

Step9: Search for the mailbox that you are looking to back up. Click the Next.

Step 10: Choose the keywords and apply conditions as per your requirements. Thereafter, hit the Next button.

Step11: Review the search setting and then click the Submit button. To make changes in the setting, click Back.

Step 12: Pick your search from the search list and hit the Action option.

Step13: Tap the Export Result and then select your Output option. Afterward, hit the Export button.

Step 14: Navigate to the Export tab, choose your last export, and hit the Download results button.

Step15: Thereafter, copy the Export Key.

Step 16: Open the eDiscovery Export Tool and paste the Export key.

Step17: Browse the location where you want to store the file.

Step 18: Press the Start button, and the process to backup the Office 365 email will run.

Why should users avoid the manual method?

  • The manual method takes the maximum time to process this backup task.
  • It has a lengthy process.
  • Users can’t choose the desired items to back up in the manual method.
  • The manual method requires technical skills to handle the entire procedure. So, novice users may face difficulties.
  • There are also high chances of data modification and no guarantee of proper backup of the data.

With the manual method, it is difficult for most of the users to backup Office 365 email. For this, users can choose another that eliminates the difficulties of the manual method. Shoviv professional third-party tool is the best option to perform this task accurately and quickly. Below, we are sharing the features of the Shoviv third-party tool.

The professional way to back up your Office 365 data

Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool works very fast and provides many features to ease the backup process. This software has no size or counts limitations on including mailboxes. Moreover, users will get the results by following a few simple steps. It doesn’t affect the hierarchy of the folder and data integrity. This software also provides a scheduler option as well through which you can schedule the backup task regularly.

This tool has a simple user interface; anyone can backup Office 365 email with this tool. Users can take the backup of the Microsoft 365 data in various file formats such as PST, MBOX, HTML, and many more.

  • It also provides an incremental export option; users can use this option to prevent duplicate items and resume the interrupted process.
  • Users can easily take a preview of added items with the help of its preview option.
  • Furthermore, it doesn’t affect the processing speed if you run multiple backup jobs at a time.
  • Users can also set the failed items count limit in this software.
  • It also generates a report of the whole process to backup Office 365 email that users can download for future reference.
  • This software also restores Office 365 data from various file formats such as PST, OST, MSG, MBOX, etc.

In the next paragraph, we provide steps to process this backup task using the Shoviv software. It will help you to understand how this software does work. So, go through all the steps carefully to accomplish this task without any hassle.

Working process of the Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool

Step1: Go to Shoviv’s official website and download Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool.exe.

Step2: Open the software and click Connect Office 365.

Step3: Enter the project name and other needed details to connect with Office 365. Then, click Ok.

Step4: Now select the mailbox that you want to process.

Step5: Go to the Backup directory and click the (+) option to provide the path and name to the exported file.

Step6: Click on the Backup jobs option and choose the mailbox type from the options. Click Ok.

Step7: Add or remove items using the date or folder-wise criteria. Tick the Check already exported items in all folders option if needed.

Step8: On the scheduler page, schedule the job if required, and to start the job immediately, click Start immediately after creating the job.

Step9: Now set the thread count and mailbox login attempts.

  • Set the timer for large items from 2 to 30 minutes.
  • Enter failed items count and size to split the resultant PST file.

Step 10: In the next step, choose the PST file format from the options and click Create job button.

Step11: The process to backup Office 365 email will start in the new window.

Step 12: Click the Finish button after completing the backup job.

Ending Words

This blog taught the manual and professional solutions with their steps. Users can choose the Shoviv professional third-party tool to perform this backup task. Moreover, with this tool, users who do not have prior technical expertise can also backup Office 365 email easily. However, the manual method may be complex to execute, so it would be better for the users to go with the Shoviv software. Users can also download its free demo version from the official website. Here, users can check out the working of this tool by processing the first 50 items per folder freely.

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