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How Selenium QA Testing is Influencing the Software Industry

Testing is a vital part of the software development cycle. Developers can find and fix bugs by testing software before releasing it to customers. But, software testing is a time-consuming and challenging process that involves using different sets of tools. Selenium is a powerful open-source testing tool that the software industry has adopted to ensure its products are up to the industrial standard. Selenium QA testing can be used to automate your production tests and a robust development tool to test applications that haven’t been fully developed yet.

What is  Selenium QA Testing?

Selenium Testing Tool is one of the most popular open-source automate testing tools. It allows you to write scripts that can automate your web browser testing. Selenium has a large user base and a ton of support online. Additionally, selenium is quite versatile and can be use for various purposes such as regression testing, functional testing, and load testing.

Does your team require extra help putting Selenium QA testing into practice? To get your automation testing process off the ground, collaborate with a QA services provider like QASource. Our knowledgeable QA professionals are experts in the Selenium Suite and competent in all forms of automated testing. With the help of our team of professionals, your company can properly set up the Selenium testing framework to satisfy all of your demands for automated testing across projects and testing cycles.

Selenium QA Testing influencing in Software Industry

Software complexity increases over time in ways we may not expect and at an ever-increasing pace as organizations move toward Agile development methods. Testers are expected to work with developers actively throughout the iteration to test new features, but what about the features from previous iterations? Test automation can serve this purpose by ensuring that new, as well as old functions, will perform as required and expected. Additionally, manual testing just can’t keep up as platform configurations have proliferated beyond imaginable. To focus on our expertise and experience, QASource chose to provide selenium software testing as a strategic platform for test automation on web-based platforms, complemented by appium on mobile platforms. Over the years, we’ve developed many selenium testing frameworks that facilitate cross-browser testing and regression testing.

One of the main reasons selenium QA testing is so popular is its versatility. Selenium can automate tests on various browsers, including chrome, firefox, opera, and Internet Explorer. Additionally, selenium supports multiple programming languages, including Java, C#, Ruby, and Python. This makes selenium an attractive option for teams with developers who specialize in different languages.

How We do Selenium Software Testing at QASource 

While we’ve designed and implemented many testing frameworks that have provided significant improvements in script execution speeds and script maintainability, we’ve learned many lessons that we keep in our knowledge base to ensure that our selenium scripts and frameworks will be useful near-term as well as long-term. Some of these key lessons include:

  • Optimizing flexibility and efficiency while integrating with other key development and continuous integration tools (e.g., Jenkins).
  • Solving compatibility issues between the Selenium WebDriver and the specific browser drivers created by outside parties (e.g., ChromeDriver is maintained by the Chromium project) that can often lead to crashes.
  • Locating an element, irrespective of the type can be unreliable and we’ve learned many techniques in identifying elements and objects in the ‘best’ way given the context.
  • Understanding where the selenium automation testing is most capable, such as web application testing, regression testing, and cross-browser testing, and where it is not ideal, such as working with windows controls (e.g., file operations/dialog box) that can sometimes occur when executing scripts and how to ‘work around these problems.

When running into issues like the ChromeDriver crash and other issues associated with test frameworks, we have been very successful in rapidly developing solutions to mitigate problems. This is one of the main reasons that we like selenium for developing a testing framework – it is very flexible. Specifically, by extending TestNG, we have created a specialized framework that allows us to customize and optimize our test script development workflow while ensuring maintainability and robustness.

Wrapping Up

QASource truly believes that the key to our success is our talented team that is well-experience and suite to working with the Selenium software test framework solution. Our team possesses hundreds of years of combined test experience, and the Selenium framework has proven an excellent, flexible instrument for us to develop and execute automated tests. Through our experience, we have mastered Selenium and enhanced our selenium QA testing services by customizing and extending the TestNG framework. In addition, we have also customized our configurations to support, for example, new reporting functions allowing us to feed Jenkins test results back into a client’s Test Case Management system of choice. Visit QASource now to implement cutting-edge software selenium QA testing services for your software products.

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