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How Much is a Chair Caning repair For a Seat?

Chair caning repair near me is an ancient craft from when people first used rattan palm vines as furniture. There are many kinds of seat caning and various materials that can be used to make them.

One of the most common types is a pressed cane seat. This type of cane is pre-woven with a groove around the perimeter and then held in place with a reed spline.

Price of a cane 

The price of a cane for a seat depends on what style you are going for. You can expect a traditional style to cost less than modern designs or vintage pieces in good condition.

If you want a more modern appearance, the prices will be higher. You can find chair caning repairs near me designed in the Mid-Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, or Scandinavian styles on the Jardin wicker website.

Another option is to choose a classic style of chair caning repair near me and make it stand out by using different colors and patterns. For example, you can buy a natural-colored rattan chair can stain it with blue or yellow paint to match the rest of your furniture.

You can also use a natural woven pattern, such as a basket weave or twill. These patterns are more expensive to weave than other types of cane, but they will add more character to your chair. A woven pattern will not break down as quickly and is more durable than a painted design. This makes it a popular choice for a seat subjected to frequent use.

Determine size

To determine the exact size you need for a particular seat, measure from the groove to the groove at each of the most comprehensive parts in front and back and add 2 inches for each direction. This will ensure you have enough cane to cover the entire seat opening.

Then you can order the specific cane width and length from the Jardin wicker store you need for your project. We provide a large selection of sizes and patterns to choose from.

We also have a pre-woven cane webbing kit for sale that includes all of the supplies you need to make a chair. The kit contains bleached cane webbing, reed spline, and five wedges to press the cane into the seat frame.

Depending on your width, this cane will cost between $4 and $68 per inch across the width of the seat or back. If you’re unsure how much material you need, ask for a quantity price break on a 50 ft roll and send a sample of the cane from your chair.


Several materials are used to make chair caning repairs near me. These include strand cane, rattan reed, paper fiber rush, natural rush, oak or hickory bark splint, Modern Danish cord, and Oriental seagrass.

Often, the chair seat is woven in a pattern using pliable materials that are very durable and will last for years to come. This complex process requires specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise in weaving and cane craft.

Woven wicker, or cane, is an ancient and prevalent form of furniture. The art of weaving chairs, tables, stools, and sofas has been around for centuries. The woven seat is a beautiful and comfortable alternative to the traditional four-footed wooden chair caning repair near or fiberglass shells found in many contemporary models.

The woven wicker is usually paired with a frame made from wood or sometimes steel. The frame can be curved or flat.

Chair canes are woven from strips of rattan that are thin and springy. They are also lightweight and inexpensive, which makes them a trendy choice for people who want to avoid heavy, cumbersome upholstery.

Uses for Different Purposes of chair caning 

A cane can be used for various purposes, but most commonly, it is an ambulatory aid for people who have a problem walking or are disabled. Depending on the person’sperson’s needs, different types of cane may be used.

Standard Cane An aluminum cane is a good option for people who need an ambulatory cane yet refuse to pay the money for a custom cane. This type of cane is lightweight and has a handle with pins that adjust the length to suit the user.

Blind Caning, Another type of chair cane is the blind cane, woven in a 7-step method. Unlike regular strand cane, which is drilled through the framework and then fixed with a plastic peg and a spot of glue, the blind cane is woven without holes in the framework. This weave can be more delicate than other chair canes and is usually reserved for use in the back or under the arms of a chair.


The design of a cane seat is often determined by the type of cane used. The most common type is rattan, which grows up to 300 ft in jungles around Indonesia, China, and India. The outer bark of the rattan palm is cut away, and the cane strips are then woven into seats.

Woven variety

Woven cane is also referred to as chair weave, and it comes in various designs and materials. It’sIt’s commonly woven into a six-way pattern, which allows for a strong and supportive seat while keeping the design simple and attractive.

There are many variations on this design, including basketweave and Carolina weave, as well as several diamond and fan patterns. This is a very traditional, timeless look for furniture that’sthat’s sure to add a tropical vibe to any space.

Humid climates

While cane was originally favored in humid climates where woods would warp or crack because they “moved” with the weather, it’s more often seen in temperate-climate spaces nowadays. This is especially true in offices, where its graphic nature makes it stand out from the standard office furniture that primarily consists of solid-wood veneers.

This design has come back into fashion, and Instagram feeds recently, where designers are incorporating it into everything from room dividers to armoire doors to nightstand drawers. It’s also a popular choice for restaurants where it’sit’s used to create an intimate, inviting feel.

Paired of Cane 

Cane can be paired with various other furniture elements, from metal and glass to wood laminates. But for the most part, it used to complement more traditional pieces, such as a classic wood chair caning repair near me or an upholstered sofa.

For example, a woven cane bench with a wooden frame is a great way to make your seating look more natural and casual. You can find a range of styles, from simple to elaborate, at different price points.

Some chairs feature a porch cane, which is a wide-binding cane pattern that’sthat’s woven on both the top and bottom of the chair. This type of cane is typically in a 6MM wide cane gauge and can be woven in a twill or herringbone pattern.

Weight Capacity

Many of our walking canes feature a seat to provide extra support and comfort. They’reThey’re designed to be more durable than standard canes, so they can withstand more weight and wear and tear. If you’re searching for a cane and seat, it’s important to choose one that’s sized properly for your height and body type.

Cane is a naturally occurring material that comes from the rattan palm vine. The outer bark is removed and cuts into strips to make a cane. But decline to pay the price for a personalized cane.


To determine the size cane you need for a chair, measure the diameter of the holes and the distance between them. Use our interactive chart below or click here for a PDF of the sizing chart.


We offer cane in 250-foot coils and 1000-foot coils. These coils have the strand cane, natural binder cane, and wedge-shaped reed spline wrapped together for ease of shipping.

The reed spline is a flexible, bendable piece of wood that holds the cane webbing in place. The spline can be bent to create a groove, or it can be left flat to match the existing groove in the frame.

Choosing the right cane for your chair caning repair near me is essential to ensure it’sit’s safe and comfortable to use. To get started, you’ll need to know the three main factors to consider: price, material, and weight capacity.

Weight Capacity:

A cane’scane’s weight capacity is the maximum amount it can carry and still remain stable. This can vary from brand to brand because not all canes are the same. This is especially true for wooden canes, typically heavier than other types.


It’sIt’s also important to consider the size of the cane before deciding on the style and color. If the cane is too big for you, you need help with using it and staying balanced.

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