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How is the CELPIP score calculated?

CELPIP stands for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. Every candidate should have an in-depth understanding of the CELPIP test before they begin preparations. It is important to know the scores, the time duration, and, most importantly, the minimum and maximum extremes. This will help you stand out from the rest and be selected for an immigration job or professional career.

After you have completed the test, the most important question is: How CELPIP score is calculated?

This is because you need to know the criteria for the CELPIP test. CELPIP scores can range from 1 to 12 levels. The test is divided into four sections: listening, reading, and writing. Each section must scored separately by the candidate.

CELPIP Levels are the names of CELPIP exam scores. First, the score a candidate receives on the CELPIP exam determines his English proficiency and also the likelihood of him being selected.

A second thing to consider is the CLB Level.

CLB Levels

CLB stands for Canadian Language Benchmarks. These are further divide into three stages (1-4, 5-8 and 9-12), as well as 12 CELPIP levels.

This level is most important because it determines your minimum score in each section of the CELPIP exam.

Example: A person scoring 7 in reading, 8 in listening’s, 5 in speaking, and 6 in writing will be deemed to have reached the CLB level.

CELPIP Listening Scores

Here are the details for the listening session, in addition to the table above:

Listening tests take between 47 and 55 minutes.

Candidates must attempt between 40 and 46 questions during this time period. These questions are broken down into seven components.

This section has 38 scoring marks.

CELPIP Reading Scores

Here are the details for the CELPIP Reading Session.

The reading test takes between 55-60 minutes.

Candidates must attempt between 38 and 45 questions. These are then divide into four components.

The total score for this portion is 38.

CELPIP Writing Scores

Here are the details for the writing section.

The writing test takes between 53-60 minutes.
These questions can divide into two parts. These are:
Sending an email
Answering survey questions
The examiners also manually give the writing scores. The CELPIP level marked by the examiners after dividing the answers into four categories.

CELPIP Speaking Scores

Here are the details for the Speaking section:

The speaking test takes 15-20 minutes.
Each of the 8 questions is broken down into 8 parts.
Other examiners can also give the speaking scores.

What are the final CELPIP scores?

One examiner does not evaluate the performance of a candidate. Different raters evaluate the performance and proficiency of each candidate.

These are the factors that ultimately determine the CELPIP score levels:

Rating Criteria

The computer automatically records and scores listening and reading tests. The speaking scores will only be assigned by three speaking raters, while the writing scores will go to four writing raters. These ratings will also be based on the 4 categories listed in the table for writing and speaking.


A final rating from the benchmark rater will be use to bring all raters together in a single agreement. The benchmark raters will assess the performance accuracy without knowing the initial rating. They base their decisions on their experiences. The final CELPIP score for pr.

Final Scoring for All Levels

All scores then evaluated using the table of scores as well as the levels. Each of the four sections’ scores is then assign four CELPIP levels. The final results will be available after approximately 4-5 days.


Before you begin preparation, make sure to thoroughly study all details. A high rating and high CELPIP score will help you to take your professional career to new heights. The criteria for the institution you are applying to will determine the passing score.

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