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Choosing the best forklift for your workflow is essential, as it is directly linked to the quality and efficiency of your company’s logistics processes.

Currently, the market has several models available, aimed at different profiles and operational demands.

However, this variety can also generate certain difficulties when choosing the most suitable equipment for your needs.

To eliminate any doubts and ensure the best purchase, we have prepared this complete article on the subject. Follow up.

What to consider when choosing the best forklift?
To know which forklift is best for you, you first need to understand the applicability of the equipment, where it will be used, and what types of product it will carry.

With your main demands in mind, try to evaluate the models that interest you the most, considering some key points for the quality of your operations, such as:

  • Turning radius;
  • Tower type;
  • Battery capacity;
  • Traction;
  • Maximum storage heights;
  • Type of floor on which the machine will operate;
  • Storage structures;

Types of Pallets:

These are the basic points to define the best forklift for your needs, but other differentials are also decisive during the purchase.

The main ones include the quality and technology offered by the manufacturer, the necessary service routines for the machinery, the standard of maintenance service, and the possibility of inserting accessories.

Keeping these elements in mind, your purchase will certainly be safer. However, it is normal for doubts to arise when choosing between an electric or combustion machine, or when choosing between an off-road or industrial forklift. Click here for forklift Repair

Combustion forklift x Electric Forklift:

Combustion forklifts are the best option for companies that need robust machinery with more strength to meet their different demands.

In addition, its mechanical performance is better, the application possibilities are diverse and its durability tends to be greater. Also, many of the combustion forklifts can be added to accessories to expand their possibilities of use.

Combustion forklifts are classified as LPG and or DIESEL, in this case, the DIESEL needs an outdoor or very well ventilated place so that the emission of gases does not affect employees.

Electric forklifts, on the other hand, serve precisely to serve this domestic market, as they do not emit polluting gases. In fact, they are also quieter. However, the biggest problem is in technical assistance and parts that have very high costs.

Industrial forklift x off road Forklift:

With the points highlighted above, we can say that the most suitable forklifts for most situations are combustion ones, as the electric ones are geared towards very specific cases and specific needs, as is the case in the food sector.

From this definition, the question is between industrial and off road models. In general, the former are better for smaller environments as they offer more agility. In turn, the seconds are more suitable for outdoor terrain, as they have the strength to resist uneven soils and locations marked by bad weather.

However, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of forklift can vary according to your company’s needs.

Typically, industrial forklifts stand out because of:

  • Shorter travel time with greater speed;
  • Tailored strength for industrial use;
  • Ease of operation in smaller spaces, as they are more compact.

In the case of off-road machines, the recommendation is for those who need benefits and possibilities such as:

  • Resistance to severe and adverse conditions;
  • Agility and efficiency even on uneven terrain;
  • Reinforced structure;
  • Strength and resistance for different types of applications;
  • Easy operation and driveability.

If you are still in doubt about the best forklift for your business, click here and download our comparative infographic now. If you want to ensure the best return on investment on your machinery, click here and have access to our economic feasibility sheet.


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