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How Do I Find My Default Asus Router Password?

The default Asus router password is at times forgotten by most people but that does not mean that you can’t ever find your Asus router default password. The Asus router admin password is required when you attempt to login to your Asus wifi router. If you don’t know your default Asus password, you won’t be allowed to get inside your device.

The Asus admin password is often required when you try to login to the Asus wifi router using the default web address http://router.asus.com or default IP address Once you reach the router.asus.com login page, the Asus admin page will prompt you to enter the Asus router username and password. 

In this post, you will learn how to find the Asus router username and password and how to reset them if you have forgotten the Asus login credentials.

How to find the default Asus router password?

There are multiple ways to find out your Asus router password. Here are a few of them;

  1. Look for the wireless card at the bottom of your Asus router. You will come across all the wireless and router info through that card. Here’s what you will find on the wireless card.
  • SSID of your wifi network
  • Default network key of your wifi network
  • Default login IP of the Asus router
  • Default web address of the Asus router.
  1. You can also refer to the Asus product manual. The same info is also given in the Asus product manual.

How to reset the default Asus router password?

To reset the default Asus router password, you need to reset the device to its factory default settings. You need to know that resetting the device will bring it back to its original settings i.e., factory default settings. You may have to reconfigure the Asus router in order to access the wifi network. Follow the steps carefully;

  1. Take a paperclip to push the reset button. The button is usually inside the frame of your device.
  2. Press the button using a paperclip.
  3. Hold down the reset button for around 10 seconds before releasing it.
  4. Once you release, all the LEDs on your router will flash once.
  5. Now your device will start coming back to its factory default settings.

Make sure you do not turn off the device in between the Asus router reset process. Once the device reboots, you can login to Asus router using the Asus router password and username. You can also change the default Asus password using router.asus.com. Just enter http://router.asus.com into the web browser and login to the device. After that, go to the Advanced section and then go to the Administration page. After that, enter your current admin password and new admin password.

Make sure you take a note of your Asus admin password once you change it. If you encounter any issues with the device while attempting to reset the device or change the Asus router password, make sure you restart the whole process again after giving your device a power cycle.

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