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Hermès replica watches: the joy of capturing time

As early as before the opening of the Geneva “Watch and Wonders” Haute Horlogerie Fair in 2023, we heard that the Hermès H08 series had been upgraded, and anticipation and curiosity came naturally. A few days later, we met Mr. Laurent Dordet, CEO of Hermès replica Watches at the Hermès booth of “Watches and Wonders”. During the communication with him, we found that there are many “Wonders” brought by Hermès watches this year, not only the H08 series. Ters ilişkiye ne dersiniz? beşiktaş anal escort kızlar da burada elbette.

Watches: What key watches did Hermès bring to this year’s “Watches and Wonders” show? Please give us a brief introduction.watches

Laurent Dordet: This year Hermès launched a lot of watches, including daily models suitable for men and women, complex function watches, jewelry watches and so on. At the same time, Hermès watches have also made many changes this year. For example, we added a sports line to the H08 series. Hermès started to build two years ago and launched the first H08 chronograph this year. In addition, the H08 models in four different colors of yellow, green, blue and orange are also launched, and a new case material is also used.

Craft watches are also a key point. This year we also launched two new Arceau Wow watches, which are painted and colored on both sides of the dial, showing distinctive craftsmanship. On another new Arceau small moon phase watch, we used aventurine, mother-of-pearl, aragonite and opal to create a portrait of a planet. The Slim dzhermes cheval de legende High fake watch uses a laser to engrave fine holes on the hand-glazed and polished gold dial, then puts the balls into the holes one by one, and finally fires them in the furnace to fix them. Reproduce the image of a horse on the dial with a new idea.

We have been paying attention to the development of the Hermès H08 series, and there are new changes every year. For example, this year, the new Hermès H08 watch added precious metal materials and timing functions for the first time. Will this series add complex functions in the future?

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The H08 series launched a chronograph this year. As we just talked about, this is also a very important watch of the H08 series. We used a new high-performance material for the case, which is composed of carbon fiber and graphene powder, which is very light and strong, and has a unique texture. In addition, this chronograph uses a single button for timing, and continuous pressing of the crown at 3 o’clock can start, stop or restart timing in sequence.

You may have found that the H08 watch case in the past was mostly black or gray, and this year we want more colors. Therefore, we also launched a new rose gold version of the H08 watch with a two-tone case. The middle case is made of rose gold, the bottom of the case is titanium metal treated with black DLC, and the bezel and crown are made of black ceramic. Presenting a brand new look.

As well as the other 4 bright-colored H08 selling replica watches, they are also made of lighter new materials, consisting of glass fiber, thermosetting epoxy resin and slate powder. This material gives the case a textured silver color that contrasts light and dark with the black bezel and crown. In addition, we added very bright colors to the details of the dial, and matched it with a colored strap that echoes it, blending deep tones with colorful colors, making the whole series more fun and colorful. Of course, we will make more changes when the market matures in the future.

The dial craftsmanship of the Arceau series watches is always impressive. Is there any special craftsmanship used in the new Arceau Wow watch launched this year? How did Hermès achieve so many bright colors on the dial?

This year’s new Arceau Wow watch is inspired by a silk scarf designed by young designer Ugo Bienvenu for Hermès. This scarf is colored on both sides, colored on the front and monochrome on the back, a creative technique we have extended to the dial of the Arceau Wow watch. How to do it? First, we used mother-of-pearl instead of silk as the dial material. The pattern is then repeatedly traced with black ink on the first side, confirming that it must be clearly visible on both sides of the oyster. Then paint on this surface. Each layer of color must be fired in a kiln at 90 degrees Celsius to fix the glaze. A total of about 20 layers of paint are required. Finally, paint the second side,

which has more vivid colors and more three-dimensional textures, so as to echo the colorful side of the scarf.selling replica watches

Craft dials are a niche field. Hermès started making craft watches 15 years ago,

and extended the pattern of silk scarves to dials since 6 years ago. We have absorbed new designs and new colors from silk scarves. In addition, we also have a pocket watch with a dial made of horsehair. There are only two factories in Europe that can make it, one in France and the other in the UK. One can imagine the preciousness of this dial. So what I want to say is that Hermès combines the unique characteristics of the brand with watches,

and combines craft watch lovers and Hermès lovers, so that Hermès replica watches become more abundant.

The shape of Hermès watches has always been very original, such as the “square in a rectangle” shape of the Cape Cod series watch, or the special font hour markers of the Hermès H08 watch. What requirements do these “Hermès exclusive designs” put forward for watch designers?

You may have noticed that the shapes of Hermès watches are rarely round,

and even the round ones are intentionally asymmetrical. For example the Arceau World Time watch, or the Cape Cod watch you mentioned. At that time, we told the watch designer that we wanted to design a square watch,

but the designer said that he didn’t want to make a square watch,

and then tried to cut the anchor chain into two, and Cape Cod (the shape) was born like this. In 1978, Hermès established its watch headquarters in Switzerland. Our requirement for watchmakers is to make Hermès watches as good in quality and precision as all professional watch brands. But the design of Hermès replica watches must be different from all watch brands. To this day, this is the purpose of Hermès watches.

Where do watches fit in the world of Hermès?

Many people may not know that Hermès has been in the watch business since the 1920s. At that time, Hermès cooperated with famous Swiss factories such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin,

and Audemars Piguet to develop watch products. In 1978, Hermès established a watch headquarters in Biel, Switzerland, which also showed our determination to professional watchmaking. After 2000, Hermès successively purchased 25% of Vaucher Manufacture (movement), 35% of case manufacturer Joseph Erard Holding Company,

and wholly acquired Natèber SA, a high-end dial manufacturer located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. And we also built a leather strap production workshop at the Swiss headquarters of Hermès Watches. Hermès replica watches can now achieve independent research and development and production in the fields of movement, case, dial and strap. So it can be said that Hermès is a legitimate watchmaking brand.

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