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Helpful Tips When Buying Aluminium Washers and Copper Washers

Aluminium Washers and Copper Washers: The industrialization has changed the way products are produced. Unlike manual methods, large machinery mass produces goods within minutes. 

But do you know what makes these machines work so smoothly? Apart from the big motors and other equipment, tiny, disk-shaped pieces of metal called washers are behind their hassle-free performance.

Washers are thin plates of metal with a hole in the middle. They mainly serve their purpose by:

  • distributing the weight of a threaded fastener over a larger surface, and 
  • eliminating their loosening. 

You can find these washers in different sizes and metals. Each washer has a unique work that makes them different from each other. 

Washers are incredible parts. Even being so small, they help ensure the hassle-free performance of giant machines. Each category of washer also has its own sub-categories. Plus, they come in different metals.

Although, among the multiple options, aluminium and copper washers are widely used in industrial applications. 

Copper is considered the best material for making washers. It possesses great corrosion resistance, along with electrical & thermal conductivity. Copper washers are used in industrial, electrical, architectural, and building applications due to all these properties.

On the other hand, Aluminium is a lighter material and highly resistant to corrosion. They are available in numerous sizes and dimensions, so users can pick the ones that meet their exact needs.

You can easily find several aluminium washer manufacturers and copper washer manufacturers in the market. Therefore, picking the right washers for a specific industrial application becomes necessary. 

If you have trouble choosing the right washer for your industrial needs, this article might help you. Here, we’re sharing some helpful tips to buy aluminium washers and copper washers.

Size Of Washers

Washers are available in countless sizes. Therefore, before making your way to the market or online buying, evaluate your requirements and find what size of washers will meet them. The process will help you pick the perfect size in one go and help move things in the production smoothly.


Not all washers are the same. Some possess good heat & thermal conductivity, while others offer great corrosion resistance. Therefore, before buying washers, it’s crucial to consider what type of environment you are going to use them. For instance, if you will use them in extreme heat, go for washers that can withstand extreme heat with ease. Another critical factor to consider is pressure. Choose washers that can withstand high pressure. The right washer will help you conduct different applications in your industrial unit accurately.

Wear and Tear

You definitely don’t want to spend a few minutes every day replacing washers. Therefore, go for the ones having a longer service life. Plus, ensure that they are resistant to corrosion and impact. This way, you can focus on production and gain maximum ROI. Moreover, using high-quality washers in machinery will help you achieve better customer satisfaction and retain customers for life.

Type of Application

Another critical factor to consider is the application. Before buying washers, figure out the application you need to carry. There may come a time when the application changes due to changes in technology, market demand, etc., and the washers purchased do not go well. Therefore, consider the application before investing in the washers.

Compatibility with Chemicals

If your industry deals in chemicals, go for washers resistant to corrosive chemicals. The correct washers will also help maintain the safety of the production unit. Also, ensure that the washers, along with chemicals, can deal with variables like pressure and temperature.

Low Friction

Aluminium is a good conductor of heat and electricity, and washers made of it possess the same features. Therefore, choosing aluminium washers can be the best decision to prevent sparking in your production unit. Using these washers in assemblies reduces the chances of sparking to a great extent and helps avoid damage to both life and property.


Price is a significant factor to consider when buying washers. There are many aluminium and copper washer manufacturers. You can check the prices of each manufacturer and go with the one that fits your needs and budget. 

Although, don’t fall for the manufacturer offering washers at a considerably cheaper rate. There may be chances that the washers are not of the best quality. Only high-quality washers will ensure the trouble-free working of the machine.

Types of Washers

There are different types of washers available. Before stepping into the market, you must know about the major categories of washers. Here are some for your reference:

Plain Washers: Plain washers, a.k.a. flat washers, fall under the most common range. They spread the pressure of the threaded fasteners over a larger area and protect the mating surface from damage. They also act as spacers between objects and cover the access holes of the fasteners.

Spring Washers: The washers are known for their axial flexibility that enables them to move with vibrations. The movement prevents their loosening and enhances the elastic properties of the joint.

Lock Washers: The washers are specially designed to secure those fasteners that might otherwise lose friction or rotate. There are many types of lock washers from which you can pick the ones that suit the needs of your manufacturing unit. 

Choose a washer that meets your needs.

Summing Up

In manufacturing industries, even a small mistake like choosing the wrong washer can cost you a fortune. Therefore, it’s critically important to get the right ones.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are several others that you must consider when buying aluminium and copper washers. Because selecting the right washers will help you accurately perform the job at hand. 

Whatever washer you want, purchase it from a reliable aluminium washer manufacturer and copper washer manufacturer. It will help you ensure that the washers are of the best quality and deliver value for money.

We hope that the article has helped you move out of your confusion on how to buy copper and aluminium washers. If you need any other related help or have any queries, please let us know in the comments. The Trust Blog

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