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Hare Are 5 Types Of Marble For Flooring In Pakistan

The construction industry and all other relate developments were suspend a few weeks ago in Pakistan. Because of the Covid-19 lockdown. Prime Minister Imran Khan, on the other hand, recently granted the construction industry the status of an industry. And declared that it would resume operations on April 14th. This was done to keep the country’s economic. Wheels turning and produce income and jobs and assist the government’s goal of building 5 million homes under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP). This action will not only assist people who earn daily earnings. In supporting their families, but it will also allow you to resume home construction if you had to stop in the middle of it due to the lockdown. Types Of Marble For Flooring In Pakistan

Home construction necessitates the use of a variety of materials that blend perfectly to provide you with a fully equipped modern home that is ready to move in and welcoming. On the other hand, material selection is influence by both personal tastes and a homeowner’s or contractor’s cost constraints. For example, marble flooring is popular in Pakistan, as it is in many other countries, to lend a sense of elegance to modern interiors. The country is a major source of raw materials. However, there are different varieties of marble flooring on the market, each with a varied price per square foot based on its distinct traits and characteristics.

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Badal Grey

Badal Grey is a popular and locally quarried type of marble flooring in Pakistan. It is a blend of silver and grey with streaks of white or black.

Grey Emperador

Grey Emperador, as it is known in the market, is a mid-range marble that comes. In shades of grey to brown tones and is utilized as a flooring option in both elegant and budget-conscious homes.


Tavera is a beige marble with natural earthy streaks that is commonly use in Pakistani homes. It is a relatively inexpensive and durable form of marble flooring.

Botticino Fancy

Botticino Fancy, a low-cost investment that comes in a range of hues. Is another sort of beige marble that you can easily install as flooring in Pakistan.

Black and Gold Marble

Adding an ornamental finish to your floors. The Black and Gold Marble is popularly use in homes as well as offices in Pakistan due to its unique appearance. Where streaks of black, gold, white, grey, and brown merge to create amazing patterns.

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