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Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery Main Advantages

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Laparoscopic Gynecology

Laparoscopic gynecological surgery, commonly known as laparoscopy, is a minimally invasive surgical technique since it allows the patient to operates on without having to open the abdomen by making small incisions. Ethicon Laparoscopic Trainer.

Laparoscopic Training simulation with Ethicon Laparoscopic Trainer is a useful choice.

It is currently uses in many pathologies such as cancer or for the extraction of cysts and fibroids. Hysterectomy, endometriosis surgery and, in fact, practically any gynecological surgery intervention also performs using this type of approach. In all cases during the interjection, general anesthesia applies to the patient.


Basically, the procedure consists of injecting carbon dioxide to raise the abdominal wall and thus create more space to work. This makes it simpler for the specialist to picture and work with the organs. During their internship in laparoscopic technique, many of them have not received practical training with Ethicon Laparoscopic Trainer.

The laparoscope (a tube with a small television bed at the end) then inserts so that organs in the pelvis and abdomen examines. Additional small incisions may need.

Using carbon dioxide can cause shoulder pain for a few days by irritating the diaphragm, which shares some of the same nerves in the shoulder. Likewise, you may have an increased need to urinate, as the gas can put pressure on your bladder.

Main Advantages

The main advantages for patients are that the 5mm incisions are painless, leave very little scarring, and generate far fewer adhesions. Postoperative recuperations are a lot quicker than on account of laparotomy. In many interventions performed with laparoscopic gynecological surgery, the patient discharges the same day the intervention performs.

This technique of laparoscopic surgery uses for the first time in medicine by gynecologists and later it gained followers in other specialties, gallbladder removal being one of the most common.

Camera Interventions

When video cameras incorporate in the 1980s, the use of this technique greatly increased. Seeing the picture on a screen enormously works with the mediation and permits the specialist’s group to assume a functioning part. Camera interventions records for later evaluation. Intensive use also led to the incorporation of new instruments along with the camera that allowed greater precision and made the surgery even less invasive.

When used to study the inside of the uterus, it calls hysteroscopy and allows the endometrium to examine to make an accurate diagnosis of a disease. Hysteroscopy detects polyps and fibroids that removes or biopsied depending on the type of alteration.

Preparation for laparoscopic gynecologic surgery requires the patient to be fasting and to have taken a laxative the day before to have an empty bowel and better visualization of the pelvis. If the patient will undergo surgery where the vagina opens, as in the case of hysterectomies, then antibiotics should also use prior to surgery to avoid an ascending infection, that is, one that goes from the vagina to the pelvis.

Advances In Laparoscopic Surgery

This field is constantly evolving and updating. The insignificantly intrusive medical procedure makes postoperative recuperation quicker and with less entanglements than different sorts of a medical procedure. In October 2020 I was able to learn about the device that will possibly uses at the Hospital Clinic if it approves, it is an example of the new developments in this field.


These techniques offer advantages for patients, but also for doctors that we can operate with more precision and for hospitals that reduce admission time and therefore more patients operate on and waiting lists reduced.

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