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Guide to Finding and Hiring Android Developers in 2023

Mobile app sales worldwide reached $462 billion in 2019 and will reach $936 billion by 2023. That’s impressive, doesn’t it? But not all apps are successful. Only one in 10,000 mobile apps survives due to the sheer number of apps available, their price, and other factors. Therefore, it is crucial to hire Android app developers that are experienced and skilled for your project and your company.

This is our guide to help you hire android app developers in 2023 for your app development project.

How do you find and hire Android developers?

Some people don’t have the technical skills to create, compile and debug Android applications. You will most likely need to hire a professional developer to do this. Unfortunately, finding mobile app developers is one of the toughest jobs for business owners. This guide will help you find your business’s best Android app developers.

Step 1: Prepare a technical description for your project to hire Android developers.

All of your tasks and business requirements can be compiled in one file. During app development, you can easily share the file with other developers.

Step 2: Hire Android Developers – Select the best model.

There are several options to get your app developed. Be it hiring an in-house app development team, a freelancer or an app development agency, you can do any of them. Hiring in-house developers are the most costly way to get your app developed. Therefore, most business owners choose to outsource. Outsourcing allows you to access a wider range of developers and lets you develop your app faster while saving money.

Step 3: Hire Android developers – Conduct technical interviews.

You should conduct technical interviews to narrow down your outsourced partner or developer. Sometimes, client testimonials can be the best way to evaluate potential outsourcing partners.

Step 4: Hire Android developers – Sign and finalize the agreement.

Discuss all aspects of your app project and establish timelines. Negotiate the format and time of your weekly or daily meetings and request estimates. Do not forget comunicating about security concerns and signing a non disclosure agreement.

Common mistakes in hiring Android app developers

Here’s a list to avoid if you are looking to hire Android developers.

Hire Android developers with poor product design skills.

You can save a lot of money and time by working with Android developers with experience in product design.

You might create a signup page for your app. A signup screen may seem to be nothing more than a screen that allows you to select your password and user. In practice, however, it will require the following:

You can determine which authentication types you want to enable (Facebook or user, password, Gmail, etc.). To ensure validation is done where required (e.g., if a user enters their email, verify that it is valid).

Hire Android developers with no experience in UI or material design.

An interface is not just a collection visual. It should look professional and beautiful. However, it should be easy to understand.

Although you might hire a designer to help create an Android app, it will not always suffice to ensure that its user interface is high-quality. The app will likely evolve as you develop it. You may have to update the user interface to reflect new features or product modifications.

It can be expensive and slow down progress to hire a designer for minor adjustments or tweaks. Android offers many “out-of-the-box” UI solutions. These include tutorials and libraries that can be used in various situations. Android developers should understand these scenarios and libraries based on experience and other popular apps.

Standard UI patterns are beneficial because they will look similar to other applications your average user is familiar with. Also, the implementation should be simple and fast, thanks to Google’s great resources.

Google’s Material Design principles inspired many of the new UI patterns. These principles were introduced a few years back. Material Design is compatible with small mobile devices. Google also provides many icons at no cost, so you can usually find enough icons to meet your needs.

You can also find tutorials and other tools, such as a color palette, to help you choose the right materials. They are professional and easy to use, and the best Android developers do most of the design work.

Hire Android developers with no experience in app release on Google Play.

An Android app developer who is skilled in developing apps for Android should have a lot of apps on Google Play.

App release is a complex task that requires a lot of work. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your candidate has done this before.

Proguard is an example of the importance of this stage. This program can obfuscate code and remove unnecessary classes and libraries, which results in a smaller and more secure application. However, proper use of Proguard requires prior experience. This is not easy; if you do it wrong, your code could be exposed, and your program will grow.

An experienced developer knows that this should only be used when publishing applications. Your program is not yet visible to the public, so it’s best to test it before publishing it.

Remember that an application must be signed before it can become public. This is necessary to protect and prove ownership of the app. A file with a hash key is required for this procedure. This file is needed to publish to Google Play.

However, it is required to publish version upgrades. You can’t update your app if you lose it. A skilled Android app developer will know where to store it safely. They must follow best security practices and backups.

Final note: While applying to Google Play is relatively easy; you must understand all the Play Store features to improve your app and increase downloads.

Hire Android developers only if you have at least one app in Google Play

You will likely ask them to show you their past work when you are looking for an Android app developer. This will give you a better idea of their experience with the platform. You should also check if their apps are available in the Play Store.

This is a key point to remember as it indicates that the developer can upload an Android app to Google Play. As we have discussed, this shows that the developer enjoys building Android apps and not for the money. Working with an Android developer who is passionate and dedicated to what they do should be a priority.

Hire Android developers with no full-stack experience.

A database is required for most apps, particularly social media. Your app may also require one.

An Android developer may need to hire a second developer if they aren’t familiar enough with databases. If the task is complex, it may be necessary for another developer to be engaged. You won’t require this in the first version of your program, as your database will be quite basic.

Databases are essential for Android developers. Developers can use a simple API for managing a database that includes various services. This is where Firebase comes in handy. Google’s Firebase, one of many services that make mobile development easier, is Google.


You now know how to hire Android developers to build your Android apps. Although many app developers are available, it can be difficult to find and retain a good developer who provides reliable android mobile application development services. Zazz is a trustworthy and reputed company in USA, which can help you in your project.

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