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Growing Demand for Offshore Accommodations

Offshore cabins are an essential part of the oil and gas industry for working in hazardous environments. The TLS team has been providing complete solutions to this need since 1990, manufacturing pressurized A60s that meet DNV 2.7-1 standard as well EN12079 with ATEX approval all these years!

TLS pressurized containers are designed, built for operations in hazardous areas either offshore or onshore. A60 fire-rated containers certified to DNV 2 standards and utilized as MUD logging cabin | unit; ROV cabin laboratory container etc., they provide safe working conditions within the oil & gas field by equipped with pressure detect alarms so there’s always someone watching over your safety!

A company’s newest product is the best in its category with all features that are required to ensure safety. It has an excellent design, which makes it easy for anyone from any background or profession – including designers! The fire protection system can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 Fahrenheit) making this fridge great if you need one during summer months when houses might be at risk of catching on fire due to improperly disposed of cigarettes etcetera.

The best choice for any cabin renovation work is the TLS team. We have spacious and comfortable cabins, as well customized rooms to suit your needs or specifications with an affordable price list!
Our company has worked in many areas including test cabins that are pressure tested before being made use by passengers so they can withstand abuse from airlines during takeoffs/landings without worrying about their safety; Control Cabins which provides control over all aspects of operations be it personnel management or power distribution while submerged underwater at depths between 3m – 50+ m deep; Custom built laboratories fitted out either inside(like this one)or outside.

The latest trend in business travel is to use offshore containers. These shipping units, designed and manufactured according to DNV 2-7 & EN 12079 standard are now the go-to for those who want a safe way of transporting their goods across international borders without dealing with customs or other hassles at the destination. With each container certified by Lloyd’s Register (LR), Det Norske Veritas(DNV), and Bureau Veritas you can rest assured knowing they’ll be able to withstand any situation that may arise on an ocean voyage!

The benefits of living in an offshore container are many. You can enjoy the serenity and spaciousness that it provides, not to mention all those creatures’ comforts like WiFi!
The design is perfect for any situation where you need 1-4 people at once; whether they’re family members or friends traveling together – there’s plenty of room with these modules available from TLS Offshore Containers International.

The latest in technological advances for your next construction project! TLS accommodation modules are now available with sets of beds, furniture, and shower facilities that have been manufactured to strict DNV 2.7-1 /EN 12079 standards. Whether you need an office space or just some storage these new additions will be perfect so contact us today before it is too late!.

TLS can design and build a special offshore accommodation container following every customer’s requirement, which will be perfect for your needs.

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