Get to Know your Clothing Labels for your Brands

Personalize your brand using the best labels and give them your personal effective touch. Connect with your buyers and impact them. Let us understand labels briefly.

What are brand labels?

A brand label is a small piece of fabric with a company or identity that is most commonly found on clothing labels. You may include something as simple as a logo or text of some kind, or you may need additional information about it. Whether it’s website information, slogans, or simple washing instructions, the label is designed to express your unique personality and make your product stand out. Brand labels are perfect for companies that want to express their identity.

Standard label sizes are usually between 20mm and 70mm depending on your needs. The more complex the design, the larger the label is required, which increases manufacturing costs. If you are unsure or need advice on label size, feel free to contact us. We produce labels for a variety of business and personal purposes.

What does the brand label mean to your brand?

A custom brand label gives your product a unique personality that sets it apart from other products available on the market. Brand identity is the most important consideration when developing a product. Who? What are you doing? What is your business spirit? Who is your target audience? The answers to these questions can be expressed in your own logo and brand description.

Your brand identity is convincing consumers that your product is what they want. The best way to visually express your brand identity is to label it. Without the brand label, the product looks unprofessional and unprofessional. Deciding to use a custom brand label is a huge plus for your brand as it helps you stand out from the crowd and easily recognize your product.

Personalized brand labels can be used simply to display a logo or placed for use in product advertising. In any case, we assure you that if you choose to use custom brand labels for your brand, you will create a professional and high-quality product, and you will encourage consumers to easily recognize your brand in the future.

CLOTHING: It is very important to put some kind of label on clothing (also known as clothing tags). People need to know the size and care instructions. But clothing labels don’t have to be boring. Use your brand identity to create interesting brand labels that get people to wear your clothes!

Different types of labels

There is more than one kind of label. And. we are going through them all one by one:


Woven labels are the most common type of label used on apparel and apparel because they use fine threads that allow for detail on the words and patterns on the label. The Woven labels should contain very dense and good-quality yarn. They are very popular for their value! Damask labels are the most common type of woven label.


Printed labels are used inside of the garment. They often have printed care instructions or garment sizes. Printed labels are used as care labels on clothes.


Heat Transfer labels are the most popular labels for sportswear because they minimize friction between the material and the leather. The main problem with heat press labels is that they often lose color over long periods due to direct skin contact.


Hang tags are usually larger than labels affixed to products, so they can contain more detailed information. Tags are the first thing buyers look for when considering purchasing a product. Because tags are an easy way to see most of your important information.

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