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Frequency of Cleaning Your Carpet You Must Follow

Does you carpet face vigorous damage due to spills, pet mess and mud from outside. Confused how many times should you clean the carpet. Here, we have the answer for you in this blog!

Frequency of vacuuming your carpet

Cleaning the carpet once in 7 days increases its lifespan. Vacuum removes the loose dirt and dust from the surface of the carpet before they seep and settle deep down in the piles. It also enables you to hire the professional after long period of time for cleaning.

However getting professional carpet cleaning is essential and inevitable. They possess the knowledge of using the right technology for extraction of embedded dust from its surface. In the end you will obtain a clean and fresh carpet ready to use again.

What to do when you have kids?

Kids often spill juice and drinks on the carpet. In fact they tear the carpet suing muddy shoes after coming in from outside. If your carpet faces the same and you use it on the high traffic area then clean it by a professional every year.

What pet owners should do?

When you have furry friends in your home then it acts as the key factor for damaging of the carpet. Pets’ accidents, loose hair, dander and muddy paw prints are prime foes of the carpet. At that time you have to take its care seriously.

Start with vacuuming twice or thrice a week for the removal of dander and hair. Spray any special carpet powder to treat the odour on stained spots. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes and vacuum the surface 2 times.

You must target to clean the high-traffic carpets and rugs once in every 3-6 months by a professional. Make sure that carpet obtains better treatment so hire a reliable and experienced professional.

What to do if the family has allergy?

Fibres of carpet act as air filter allowing the allergens and dust to settle down in its fibres. So, the frequency of cleaning the carpet depends on if the members have allergies or not!

But they will become airborne causing infections and allergic reactions. So, you must clean the carpet thoroughly for keeping the air clean. Vacuum it every week and get a professional to clean it once in every 2 months.

How to clean light shaded carpet?

Light hued carpet brightens up the room while highlighting the stains and dirt prominently. It clearly means that this carpet deems for more professional clean than dark shaded carpets. Weekly vacuum and cleaning the spills immediately will save your carpet for long. Try to address the stain as soon as you find it. For retention of look and feel professional cleaning is must once a year.

Common mistakes you must avoid

When you understand the right time has arrived for cleaning your carpet, prior to clean avoid these regular mistakes.

Over-shampooing and over-wetting

If excess water soaks into carpet bottom then it can result into discolouration. Even excessive wetting can cause tearing and shrinkage of the carpet. Once you soak it, you can find it tough to dry. It enhances the risk of mildew and mould. Over-shampooing will create accumulation of the soapy residue making it tough to clean and highly vulnerable to more dirt.

Furniture on wet carpet

In case you set the furniture on wet carpet then it heightens the risk of permanent stains. If you metal feet furniture then it can leave rust stain on your carpet.

Perks of professional carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is highly beneficial. Here’s how!

Destruction of dangerous particles

Overall the carpet seems fresh! However, deep down dirt and dust lurk within the piles. It will make the carpet smells awful and looks dirty over the course of time. Professional cleaner makes use of specific treatments for combating against such dirt particles.

They can kill the mildew, yeast and mould eradicating them from the carpet completely. By removing odour they can bring back relief to your home free from allergens.

Good smell and look of the carpets

Expert makes use of cleaning solution that seep deep into the piles. It never contains any detergents and so there is no chance of dirt-attracting residues. They remove the dirt using the machine comprises of cotton pads to rub all over the surface of carpet. As the cleaning process is dry you can use it in an hour being an ideal solution for the households.

Extension of life of the carpet

You must know that carpet deep cleaning extends its longevity. So professional treats the carpet with the help of fluorochemical-based solutions. Just put a few water drops on carpet to check if it beads up or absorbs. In case of absorption you need to hire the professional right away.

Frequency of cleaning your carpet

Hope you understand what the frequency of cleaning your carpet is! In case you are in worry then check out the considerable aspects. By following the above-mentioned ways you can keep the dirt, dust and allergens at bay. Also you can enjoy fresh and clean carpet behind.

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