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Fix the Snapchat Crashing Issue on iPhone with Easy Steps

Are you encountering random crashes while accessing the Snapchat app and making you feel irritated? Then this article will take away all of your agonies and woes related to this issue called Snapchat keeps crashing.

So, let’s head straight to the effective fixes to resolve the Snapchat App crashing issue on iPhone.

Effective Fixes to Resolve the Snapchat App Crashing issue on iPhone

These are the effective fixes which we have we are talking about that will help you in getting rid of the Snapchat crashing app issue.

1. Remove Snapchat from recently used apps and Restart it.

It has been seen that one of the prominent reasons why the app crashes is due to corrupted data such as cache or temporary data. 

So, if you wish to get rid of the crashing issue of Snapchat, try removing Snapchat from the recently used apps list and restart it.

To remove Snapchat from recently used apps, you have to press the home button twice rapidly which is akin to when you double click on an icon on the computer.

After double tapping on the home button, you will come across the list of all the recently used Apps. Lastly, look out for the Snapchat from the list and then, simply swipe up on the App to clear it.

Note:- it is advised if any other app is running in the background, make sure to clear that as well as there are chances that one of the apps is conflicting with the Snapchat app and leads you to an issue titled Snapchat App Crashing.


2. Restart your

Restarting your iPhone 8 is also a worthy alternative to keep yourself away from Snapchat’s crashing issue, as it clears the running apps in the background as well as gives your device a fresh and smoother start.

To restart your iPhone 8 properly and perform a soft reset, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • *To restart your iPhone, simply press and hold the power button or side button for a few seconds till you will come across the Slide to Power off the menu, and then, release the Power button.
  • Now, simply slide the slider to the right and it will shut down your iPhone.
  • Lastly, After the gap of 30 seconds, again hold the Power/Side button and release it when you notice the Apple logo on the screen.


3. Update Snapchat App

There are probable chances that you may be encountering a Snapchat App crashing issue due to the pending Snapchat app update.

As you know that updates majorly contain bug fixes and improvements to enhance the user’s experience of the App.

So, it is vital to keep your Apps updated including Snapchat so that you don’t come across issues such as Snapchat keeps crashing.


4. Try Deleting and reinstalling the Snapchat App

If the above-cited fixes don’t give you positive results, then you can try out this fix as this fix has the potential to resolve why Snapchat is crashing.

And the fix is to try deleting and reinstalling the Snapchat account.

Yes, you have heard it right, you have to delete your Snapchat App from your device, don’t worry! this would not keep your data on the edge of the hill.

Simply, you just have to uninstall the Snapchat account and reinstall the Snapchat app and have to check whether the issues are resolved or not.

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By applying these effective fixes, there is a high probability that you may overcome this Snapchat app crashing issue, and with more quick guides and steps for different queries, you can head to OnlineGeeks.


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