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Everything You Need To Know About Cisco 350-701 Exam

Course Information:

The operating cisco security core technologies v1.0 and implementing course helps you prepare for the CCIE and CCNP Security certification for expert-level security roles. The 350-701 Cisco SCOR Exam helps understand operating core security technologies such as network security, cloud security, content security, endpoint detection, secure network access, and enforcement. This exam grooms your skills in security technologies and advanced threat protection against cybersecurity attacks. You can get initial practice on Stealthwatch Cloud threat detection features and Cisco Stealthwatch® Enterprise. You would also get hands-on experience in next-generation firewalls, deploying Cisco Firepower®, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (Cisco ASA) Firewall, 802.1X Authentication mail policies, configuring access control policies, etc.

To gain the CCNP security certification and cisco professional expert, you need to look for two exams: the CCNP security main core exam and one out of the six security concentration exam. The main core exam is “Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies.”

350-701 Cisco Exam Basic information:

You will get 2 hours (120 minutes) to complete this exam. The total question is almost 90 to 110, and all questions are different types, such as multiple-choice with multiple answers, signal choice with a single answer, and fill in the blank. Exam passing sources are liable to change that’s why cisco does not publish official passing scores. The 350-701 exam is available in English and Japanese language. The Cisco Certified Network Professional certification is valid for three years, and the cost of this exam is $300 only.

350-701 Cisco Exam Topics Syllabus and objectives:

You can find all topics from CISCO OFFICIAL SITE

  1. Security Concepts by Cisco Firepower (25%)
  2. Network Security by Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (20%)
  3. Securing the cloud (15%)
  4. Content Security (15%)
  5. Endpoint Protection and Detection (10%)
  6. Secure Network Access, Visibility, and Enforcement (15%)

Security Concepts:

  • Cover some common attacks on cloud environments
  • Explain security liabilities such as weak/strong passwords, software errors, SQL queries, buffer overflow, lost encryption, etc.
  • Define important aspects of the cryptography working like certificate-based authorization hashing, pre-shared key encryption, PKI, and SSL
  • Learn comparison between remote access VPN and site-to-site VPN
  • Define deployment forms like DMVPN, sVTI, FLEXVPN, Cryptomap, IPsec, and AnyConnect,
  • Describe all security concepts such as intelligence authentication, and sharing.
  • Learn to Protect humans from social engineering attacks through the endpoint.
  • Explain the SDN architecture of South Bound APIs and North Bound.
  • Learn basic Python language scripts used to call Cisco Security appliances APIs.

Network Security:

  • learn network security solutions that give prevention and firewall capabilities
  • Define deployment models of network security solutions and beneficiaries of NetFlow.
  • Identify the network infrastructure security devices such as a router, switch, and wireless.
  • Implement management for network security solutions and network access.
  • Organize secure network management and infrastructure devices
  • identify site-to-site VPN and remote access VPN

Content Security:

  • capture methods and Implement traffic redirection
  • Describe identification and authentication in the web proxy
  • Compare the components, capabilities, and benefits of local and cloud-based email and web solutions
  • Learn web email security deployment methods to protect from unauthorized users.
  • Learn email security components like spam emails, email encryption, and backlisting and also verify secure internet connections.
  • Learn the benefits of the Cisco Umbrella and also verify web security controls on the Cisco umbrella.

Endpoint Protection and Detection:

  • Describe the comparison between Endpoint Protection Platform and Endpoint Detection.
  • Explain Indication of Compromise, anti-malware, retrospective security, (IOC), and antivirus.
  • Verify outbreak control and learn endpoint-based security
  • Define management of endpoint value and asset inventory and also describe the importance of an endpoint strategy.
  • Define multi-factor authentication plans and also protect the endpoint’s security.

Secure Network Access, Visibility, and Enforcements:

  • Define secure network access concepts.
  • Organize and verify network access device functionality and also describe network access with CoA
  • Learn the advantages of application control and network telemetry.
  • Explain all benefits of security products.

Target Audience For 350-701 Cisco Exam:

The 350-701 exam is suitable for students interested in network designers, security engineers, and Network engineers. If you want to become a Network Administrator, Systems Engineer, and Consulting systems engineer, this exam is definitely for you. Moreover, the 350-701 exam is also designed for technical solutions architects, network managers, and CISCO integrators and partners.

Industry Benefits of Passing 350-701 Cisco exam:

The benefits this Cisco certification exam can offer are mentioned below:

  • The benefit of this exam is that if you become CCNP Security certified, you will have too many opportunities for security-related jobs.
  • The CCNP certification is essential for those students in the IT industry field. This certification also grooms your skills, and CCNP Security certification is of high value globally.
  • If you pass Cisco 350-701 exam and earn the CCNP Security certification, your career will boost.
  • You can solve IT industry issues, and most companies high demand CCNP Security certified candidates.

Preparation for 350-701 Cisco Exam:

Theoretical Preparation:

Books are always useful because they provide helpful information required for the Cisco 350-701 exam. Reading them carefully with all explanations and examples will help you a lot because books follow the all-important objectives of the 350-701 exam. But only books reading will not provide enough benefits to pass this exam. There are so many online pieces of training available for the CCNP security 350-701 cisco exam, such as exam study materials, videos, and practice tests.

Practice Test Preparation:

The practice test is the best way to prepare 350-701 exam. You should have the practical experience to pass the exam because only theoretical learning is not good enough. You should have a real exam environment experience before sitting for an exam. When you are doing a practice test, you will know the actual exam environment and exam difficulty and pattern of the questions.

You can get free practice test demo questions from Pass4Future.


The 350-701 cisco exam is essential for achieving a good position in the IT industry. This exam contains specific skills which had in very high demand globally. So, if you will become a CCNP security certified, your professional value enhances and increase job opportunities.

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