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Essential things you should follow about your child’s teeth


Dental trauma is a major concern in childhood due to its hazardous nature, lack of information on prompt treatment and first aid to parents and teachers, the psychological impact caused by the shock of injury, and the disruption of good oral hygiene. It’s a problem.

When we refer to dental trauma in children, we are referring to injuries that can occur between a child’s age of 8-10 months and up to her 18th birthday.

Damage to teeth and surrounding tissues is common during childhood and adolescence. They are displayed during games or during sports activities. Treatment of tooth trauma varies greatly depending on whether the tooth is new (a child’s tooth) or permanent. One of the main causes that predispose to injuries, but at the same time determines their severity, is orthodontic problems such as missing upper teeth.


We need to recognize the real dental framework, which is the breeding ground for dental trauma in children and can prevent various injuries. All dental and mouth injuries can be treated effectively if dental help is properly provided and children promptly see a professional dentist.

For more information on dental trauma in children.

What are the categories of dental trauma in children?

Injuries in the oral cavity can reach the teeth by fractures or shifts. However, they can also cause damage of varying severity to the jawbone, lips, or gums. Sometimes, one or more teeth are completely out of place and can be found deep in swimming pools or muddy water in streets and stadiums.

Believing that there is a way to heal any trauma reduces anxiety and stress for everyone involved in the event (parents, children, teachers, etc.). For example, even today, it is often misunderstood that broken teeth must be saved. It can only be repaired once the child reaches adulthood. Dentistry, like the development of material technology and equipment, allows urgent recovery and ensures the effectiveness of future plans. Still, every child has the right to enjoy an attractive smile. I’m here.

Risk of injury consequences. Parents also have the right to be free from anxiety and stress to consult dentist waterloo about the event and its consequences.

First aid when a child has a tooth injury

Suppose a child has an accident at school. In that case, parents should be contacted immediately and take the child to the nearest professional dentist.

Appropriate assessment of trauma severity and extent is essential for the prognosis and psychological management of injured children and families.

Parents and their children are often panicked and horrified at the sight of blood bleeding from lip and gum injuries. Also, parents and children often assume that injured teeth cannot be straightened until the child is an adult.

What should parents know about dental trauma in children?

In the case of dental trauma in children, there are a few things parents should know. Therefore, we mention the most important things parents should always remember.

  • Take your child to a professional dentist immediately after the injury.
  • If a tooth is extracted (out of your child’s mouth), collect it and store it in saline or milk until your child visits the dentist. The best time to visit the dentist is 5 hours.
  • Do not randomly recommend antibiotics to children.
  • Don’t lose your cool to soothe the hurt child. Any child could be more shocked by the face of a panicked parent than by the incident itself.
  • Immediate action by teachers in the event of injuries in the school environment is multifaceted and fundamental. First, it needs to provide support on a biological and psychological level.

What is the treatment of dental trauma in children in the dental clinic?

Suppose you trust a professional dentist kitchener for checkups, you can have the perfect aesthetic and functional restoration of your damaged or toothed tooth. Here are the steps that professional dentists usually follow:

  • First, the dentist will reconstruct your child’s broken tooth.
  • Next, all extruded teeth are replaced.
  • Your child’s missing teeth are replaced with special structures early.
  • Whitens discolored teeth.
  • Parents are also taught how to protect themselves from possible future injuries while receiving psychological support to overcome the shock of the injury, along with the child. One thing is certain, proper treatment of dental trauma in children can bring natural and psychological relief to the injured child, restoring a lost smile and self-confidence.

Can I prevent trauma to my child’s teeth?

Poor timing of accidents and incidents is often unavoidable. However, there are some things you can do to reduce the frequency and severity of tooth damage.

  • Avoiding prolonged use of pacifiers and bottles on children can lead to orthodontic defects.
  • To provide proper orthodontic treatment to children in need.
  • If a child exercises regularly, use a protective splint.
  • When children are taught to reach forward whenever they fall.
  • When learning to always wear seat belts while travelling in a vehicle.
  • If you are raising children who play when you are playing, Not relaxing
  • When raising children to be able to care for themselves effectively. Every time your child quarrels because they fall, it robs them of their ability to learn to be careful the next time they have an accident.

A practical guide for parents and children

Dental treatments that may be needed after a tooth injury include:

  • Fixation – Teeth are connected to adjacent teeth with wires and white material (resin) to form a bridge. Therefore, it remains fixed for a short period of 10-20 days before stabilizing again.
  • Implantation of permanent teeth extracted from the mouth.
  • Endodontic treatment (denervation) of ‘dead’ teeth after injury.
  • Reconstruction of broken teeth
  • Tooth discoloration after injury
  • X-ray inspection


If your child has a traumatic tooth, one of the most important things you can do is get in touch with a specialist dentist and visit your local pediatric dentist. This is very important as professional dentists reduce complications and improve the prognosis of damaged teeth.

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