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Do You Want To Wear The Same Watch As The President? Buy The Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date 40 Watch Now

Anyone who has a little research on fake rolex watches should know the existence of Rolex’s day-date watch.

Since its launch in 1956, this fake rolex watch has been favored by many European and American politicians, businessmen, even heads of state and prominent people.

  • Therefore,the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 watch is also known as the “President’s Watch” or “Head of State Watch”.,The watch of the wind of the general.
  • This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 watch is beautiful and attractive,and it is hard to put it down.The unique olive green dial is undoubtedly very eye-catching,giving people a gentle and elegant style.

Why does the Rolex day-date watch last forever?

In 1956,Rolex launched the first day-date wristwatch at the Basel Watch Fair.In the following 60 years,Rolex continued to pursue improvement and innovation,making today’s day-date wristwatch still a model of noble wristwatches.

  • In addition to a long history,the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date wristwatch that came out in 1956 achieved a remarkable innovation:
  1. It was the first wristwatch in the world to have both a calendar window and a full week calendar at 12 o’clock,which was a great technical achievement at the time.
  2. In order to adapt to the global trend,it was also equipped with 26 languages to choose from.

Why the day-date watch can last forever?

  1. I think it is based on the three pillars of Rolex-the first waterproof self-winding observatory-certified watch,
  2. equipped with an instantaneous day-of-the-week calendar,and the date and week are displayed in the small window on the dial at the same time.
  3. Accurate,reliable,easy to read and stylish enough,
  • so this high end replica uhren watch can be unique among the watches that countless heads of state,leaders and dreamers want to wear.

As a model of noble watches,Day-Date is still green after 60 years.

Where is the level of precision timepieces reflected in the new generation of perpetual movement?

The Day-Date 40 adopts the new-generation 3255 movement completely developed by fake rolex,and its level of precision timepieces is displayed here.

I think this self-winding mechanical movement can be called the pinnacle of watchmaking skills.

The movement has 14 patents,and its precision,power reserve,reliability,shock resistance,anti-magnetism,and ease of adjustment process are excellent,demonstrating Rolex’s constant pursuit of perfection.

In order to better demonstrate the level of precision timepieces,fake rolex has developed new methods and high-tech equipment to simulate the real life conditions of the wearer,thereby testing the wearers of precision timepieces.

The accuracy of the 3255 movement is higher than that of officially certified timepieces.The daily use standard is twice as high.

In addition to these unique chronometric tests,all Rolex movements are systematically sent to the Swiss Chronometer Testing Center for certification.

  1. This movement is also equipped with a brand new Rolex patented Chronergy escapement system,which enables 3255 to consume less energy and provide a full 70-hour power reserve;
  2. The balance wheel can be said to be the heart of the mechanical movement.It is equipped with a blue Parachrom hairspring specially improved by fake rolex,which is ten times more shock-resistant than ordinary hairsprings;
  3. The movement is also equipped with a variable inertia balance wheel equipped with a Parachrom hairspring,which operates precisely and has extremely strong anti-magnetic properties.

Do rose gold and olive green men’s watches look good?

To be honest,I think it is not enough to describe this watch as “good-looking”.The matching effect of the rose gold case and the olive green dial really makes my eyes shine.

When it comes to the dial,fake rolex is actually very good at using colors,like the smash hit “Green Water Ghost”,its green color is absolutely unique.

  • And this one uses an uncommon olive green dial,which makes the watch more recognizable and easier to read.

As for the case,the Day-Date 40 watch is made of 18ct Everose gold created by fake rolex in its foundry and patented for this pink alloy.

Since its launch in 2005,18ct Everose gold has been used to manufacture the pink gold version of the Rolex Oyster watch.

The combination of the olive green dial and the eternal rose gold case is seamless,which can be said to be a classic dial.

  • The pointer,the dial text,the crown logo at 12 o’clock and the sculptural Roman numerals are all made of rose gold,which forms a sharp contrast with the color of the dial,fully showing the noble and elegant characteristics,and looks textured full.

fake rolex

Where is the head of state watch strap so advanced?

When it comes to this watch,one cannot fail to mention the unique head-shaped strap.

  1. Cast in precious metals,this Head of State strap is equipped with three rows of half-ring links,specially designed for the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date watch launched in 1956,
  2. this traditional element has been integrated into the latest model again,and Ceramic components are embedded in the links to make them more flexible and durable.
  3. There are hidden components under the outer ring to ensure a seamless visual effect between the strap and the case.
  4. The design,development and production process of replique rolex straps and buckles,as well as the rigorous testing they need to pass,fully apply advanced technology.
  5. Just like other components of the watch,the strap and buckle will also be inspected by a special person to ensure that the product is beautiful and flawless.
  1. This is a perfect timepiece recognized by presidents,leaders and elites from all walks of life.It is a symbol of excellence and fame.
  2. It not only has a sculptural and luxurious appearance,but also has a precise and readable day of the week calendar.
  3. The elegant and exquisite appearance design is pleasing to the eye,and the new-generation constant movement shows the level of precision timepieces.With the exclusive head-of-state strap,this is unmatched by any other watch.

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