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Dlink WiFi Extender Not Showing Up? How To Fix It Instantly!

The d’link extender is a powerful & high-speed signal booster device. It is the most ideal solution to extending the range. You can simply & effortlessly robust the range of the Wi-Fi router. If you wish to robust the range of the router, then you need to perform the setup with the extender. But sometimes, the range extender network is not showing up. Then, the individual is not able to perform the setup. There can be several reasons why the extender’s network doesn’t show. The coverage of the dlink WiFi extender is more reliable & very incredible. The smart status LED light is built-in on the extender that helps to find the best location. The d’link WiFi range extender is more ideal for the smart router, cable modem, access point, & your smart home. 

Moreover, the d’link range extender consists of MU-MIMO technology that is very suitable for multiple devices. With this extender, multiple devices quickly access the Wi-Fi network range. The Beamforming technology is also compatible and improves the WiFi network performance. To improve the range of the router, you have to perform the setup. From dlinkrouter.local, you are able to easily perform the web-browser setup. 

Causalities: Dlink WiFi Extender Not Showing Up

The network performance of the d’link WiFi range extender is very high & even powerful. It works with a 2.4GHz or 5GHz network then offers a strong Wi-Fi range. The external antennas are also built-in in the extender. These antennas thoroughly maximize the network performance. The network connectivity of the d-link extender is more compatible with all wireless devices & also the router. 

If you want to fix the not showing up issue of the extender, then before that you need to know what could be the reasons due to which the network does not show. Let’s start with the reasons for not showing up problems with the extender.

  • Not turn ON the extender’s power
  • Not properly plug the extender into a power socket
  • Power supply fluctuation
  • Not set up the extender with the router

Troubleshooting: Dlink WiFi Extender Not Showing Up

Through the given-below troubleshooting tactics, you are able to properly & completely resolve the issue. Now, let’s start to resolve the d’link extender not showing up the problem. 

Setup the extender with the router

If the extender is not set up with the router then this network will not show and issues will come. Then, we suggested, you have to perform the range extender setup with the Wi-Fi router. You can set up the extender to the router with the WPS button, web browser, and app. Your router should also have a WPS button under the WPS button setup. You can simply perform the WPS button setup. For this, you have to press the d’link extender’s WPS button. After that, you also press the broadband router’s WPS button. The smart LED light indicates the green light, which means the setup is successful.

Tightly plug the extender into the power supply

You also ensure your range extender is properly plugged into the power supply if it is not showing up. For this, you have to tightly plug the extender into the wall power supply. After that, push the power button of the extender. If the power of the extender does not turn ON that means the power supply fluctuation. Now, you have to unplug the extender from this power supply. Afterward, plug the range extender into the power supply. 

Restart the d’link range extender

You can simply resolve the showing-up issue by restarting the d’link range extender. This solution is the best & very easy. To restart the extender, you have to unplug the extender from the power supply. After that, you have to leave your range extender like this for some time. After some time you will have to plug the extender into the power supply again and turn on the power with the power button. Now maybe the range extender shows the network

Trying to set up the extender with the app

Sometimes the range extender is not set up properly with the back button due to which it does not show to the network. So for such problems, you can also set up the extender with the router using the app. Just install the d’link app on your mobile phone. Through the login details, dlink wifi extender login account. Then, add the extender into the app, & now you are able to set up the range extender with the Wi-Fi router. 

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