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DIY Guide to Fit Basin Mixer Taps

The basin mixer taps are an important element of every sink. Without these, we can not imagine using getting benefits from this fixture. While these are critical to making your sink functional, aesthetics is also essential. There is no doubt that everyone looks for ease of use and comfort while choosing the most suitable sink faucets. Where open-ended taps are great for modern looks, the high-rise basin taps can bring an elegant addition to your bathroom. Regardless of the type of sink faucets you want, installing them will usually require a plumber. The cost of which may usually be equal to or higher than the price of taps. However, if you analyze closely, it will come to your attention that installing the sink taps is not as hard as it seems to be. So, you can install it yourself that will save you money. 

What Are Basin Mixer Taps?

As the name suggests, the basin mixer taps are specially designed faucets for a sink. The mixer comes from mixing two temperatures of the water and releasing it from the single spout. You can control the flow and temperature of the water with single lever control. Since we don’t need a lot of water quickly into the sink, therefore such taps don’t release a lot of water at once. 

Main Categories of Basin Mixer Taps. 

We can generally split the sink taps into two categories.

Single Mixer Taps. These single faucets mix the water to acquire a comfortable temperature. You get it in a single spout. 

Pillar TapsThese are a type of taps the have separate faucets for both types of temperatures. That means these will not mix the water as required. But you will have to do it manually. 

It is important that you check the taps immediately as it arrives through courier. It will save you a lot of time and hassle that you may need in case anything goes wrong. 

basin mixer tapsDIY Installing Process for Basin Mixer Taps. 

For the installation of the high-rise basin mixer taps, you will need certain tools that include a wrench, gripes tool, screwdrivers, etc. You should also check the packing of the faucets as the studs, washers, nuts, and tap nails should be included in them. However, if it’s not in the box, then you can get it from a nearby shop. The whole process of installation should not take more than a half-hour. You will be saving almost £100 by doing it yourself. 

  • The first thing will be the removal of the older tap from the connection. You will need a wrench and gripe tool to get it done. There are nuts at the back of the taps, and you will need to loosen them to remove them from the sink. 
  • Once it’s loosened and removed, you can take it off easily. Now clean the area and don’t forget to turn the main water supply off. Now take the new mixer tap and screw the tail into the connection point and start tightening it up manually.   
  • You will need to check whether it requires studs to fix or not. It may vary from the mixers-to-mixers basis. 
  • You must ensure the tap is exactly positioned for into the hole. And the tap tail is fixed using the studs. 
  • From the tap under the below, you will need to attach the washers into fixing studs to secure it completely. 
  • If there are nuts to screw, then do it with hands initially. Once everything is in the right position, you can secure it completely with a wrench. 
  • Once you secure it completely, turn on the main water supply. Then turn the sink tap as well. The water should flow out of it smoothly. You must ensure any areas around the taps are not leaking the water. 

Final Thoughts about Basin Mixer Taps

In this article, we have a discussion about the basin mixer taps DIY installation process. While these taps are an essential element of every sink, fixing the taps is not much complicated. Following our step-by-step guide is important to get it done easily. However, it’s better to hire a plumber if you are new to the equipment used or a non-technical person who has never done any such thing. You can check the latest collection of Premier, Hudson Reed, and Kartell Tap at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK. 

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