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Sadness is part of what makes us human. Also,  never forget that Allah (SWT) will never burden you with what you cannot handle. Furthermore, don’t be hopeless and depression because sadness is a typical human emotion.

Being sad is what life is all about. A person cannot feel happy all the time, all these are natural feelings. But the most important thing we shall keep in mind is that we must make dua and seek protection from Allah Almighty in all situations and circumstances.

  • Our Prophet faced some sorrows. For example, Jakub (AS) cried until he went blind and even our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was grief-stricken when he lost his wife and uncle. Grief is therefore not a sign of weakness in any way. Feeling sad is human. A strong faith or Iman does not make believers exceptional to feelings of grief.

But Imaan gives us tools to fight depression and despair. There is nothing wrong with accepting and acknowledging your grief. The strength of a believer is not in staying strong by clinging to denial or drowning in numbness, but in never losing hope through all the pain and sorrow. This is essentially true faith.

  • Health Consequences caused by depression:

  • Loss of pleasure in previously enjoyed activities
  • Too little or too much sleep most days
  • Unintended weight loss or weight gain or change in appetite
  • A feeling of restlessness or sluggishness in the body
  • Lack of energy or fatigue
  • Feel worthless or guilty
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Intrusive thoughts of death or suicide
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic pain
  • No soul carries more burden than it can bear

Never forget that Allah (SWT) will never burden you with what you cannot handle. Because Allah (SWT) knows us better than we know ourselves. Arm yourself with the strength to face this test.

  • Difficulties come with peace

  • Allah (SWT) has promised his followers:

                                   For indeed there is rest in distress

(Quran 94:5).

Especially, when the suffering feels endless and you feel exhausted from all the burdens don’t lose hope. Even hardships don’t last forever. And believers who keep hope and faith in Allah (SWT) and accept patience amid trials will be rewarded in ways people cannot imagine. Remember, this too will pass.

  • Do your best and leave the rest to Allah (SWT)

Remember that human liability has certain limits. Allah (SWT) asks of us only that we do our duty, do our best under the circumstances, and let Allah (SWT) decide the outcome. Moreover, We can only control actions and obligations, not outcomes. Not even the Prophet of Allah (SWT) could control their outcome. Believers are rewarded based on effort, not results. Embrace the greatness of Allah (SWT) regardless of what is beyond your control. Don’t worry about unknown results. Do your part as best you can and let him do the rest.

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  • Sura al-Qaf

Say, if the sea is the ink with which to write the words of my lord, the sea will run out before the words of my lord run out. Even if you brought me something. Online Quran Classes in USA.

  • Be thankful for the blessings that Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon you 

In difficult times, we tend to forget the blessings that surround us and instead focus more on what doesn’t work for us. It’s human nature. We tend to get lost in the circumstantial sources of our sorrows and pains and forget to recognize the sources of our blessings. Whenever you find yourself drawn into dark times of despair and depression – remember that you have so much to be grateful for at the same time – a loving family, supportive friends, nightly bedtime belly treats, overhead.

  • Surah Duha

                        By the morning sun and the quiet night!

  • Allah (SWT) is in control, but you are not

Depression is defined primarily by a sense of hopelessness in oneself and the world around one. It is rooted in a feeling of helplessness like nothing is under your control. But it is true. Nothing is in your control. It is under the control of Allah (SWT). Take a moment to accept that you can’t control your situation and know that whoever has control is the best planner and loves you more than you can imagine. Give up any attempt to control your life, leave it to Allah (SWT) and trust God’s plan. The human mind sometimes fails to comprehend the ultimate wisdom of Allah (SWT) behind everything that happens to us. However, accepting that Allah (SWT) is in control and welcoming His plan for us ultimately enriches our minds, bodies, and souls. De

  • Surah al-Inschirah 

Indeed, there is comfort in difficulty. Indeed, there is comfort in difficulty.

Dua when depressed and hopeless:

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is known to have said:

 Whoever is afflicted with sorrow and pain. whoever says that Allah Exalted and Ever-Exalting Majesty, removes sorrow and transforms sorrow into happiness. O Messenger of Allah, must we learn these words?

 He said:

Yes, whoever hears it should learn it:

O Allah, I am your slave and the son of your slave. My forelock is in your hand. Your judgment against me is inevitable. Your judgment against me is just. I call you by the name you call yourself. By the name, you taught someone in creation. By the name you mentioned in your book, or by the name you didn’t know. May the Qur’an be the joy of my heart, the light of my heart, the relief of my sorrows, and the relief of my sorrows.

The Prophet also recommended the following dua to believers who are feeling sadness and despair.

O Allah, I ask for Your mercy. Do not leave me alone for a moment. Make all matters right for me. There is none worthy of worship but You.

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  • Conclusion:

Combating depression and anxiety is no easy ordeal, but Islam gives us hope to heal ourselves and shows us the path to that healing. Anything is possible with the Almighty. He depression helps those who ask for it. If you trust him and his plans, you will find a certain satisfaction and peace in knowing that the best planner is in control of your life and your circumstances.

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