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Common Mistakes in IB Maths IA

Common Errors common mistakes IB Maths IA. IB Internal assessments are an integral aspect of IB Maths AA and AI exam, regardless of whether it’s the exam is HL or SL. IB Elite Tutor is home to an excellent team of IB Maths Tutors who are available to assist you in your IA.

Common mistakes when taking IB Math HL and SL tests. How to avoid them.

  • International Baccalaureate is one of the most sought-after educational programs. It is designed for students aged 3 to 19 years old to help improve their cognitive abilities.
  • It is commonly referred to by its name as an International Baccalaureate organization. IB provides a range of educational opportunities for students.
  • IB curriculum focuses heavily on real-world learning and the new Holistic method of operation. It provides a rigorous curriculum at a more advanced and standard grade, with the rigorous examinations for each subject.
  • The Higher level(HL) as well as Standard level(SL) examinations are among the most difficult. HL along with SL are extremely difficult exams that require hours of study and rigorous practice. HL is at a minimum of an hour of study.
  • However, there are 150 hours of studying is required is required for SL. But the content for HL and SL examinations are identical generally, however students need to study them thoroughly.
  • It is important to note that the HL and SL examinations differ depending on the topic. HL subjects go deeper into the subject, providing real-world applications, whereas SL covers theories and concepts.
  • In simple terms, the HL and SL tests are two opposing aspects of a coin. Consequently, both are challenging classes that require a great deal of practice and dedication.
  • Particularly when it comes with IB Maths, HL and SL are among the most challenging courses. Therefore, students are difficult to grasp Maths HL or SL and make stupid errors.
  • Common mistakes that students make when taking Maths HP and SL examinations.

Exaggerated writing is one of the most common mistakes in IB Maths IA.

  • Based on the IB the IB, students must be able to write twelve to 20 pages in their IA. Because of this, students are more likely to write a lot.
  • Students believe they can achieve high marks through writing more. But, often, this ends with irrelevant content, that ultimately results in poor scores.
  • In this instance students need to compose their essays using a more precise style. Simple language will earn additional points.
  • Furthermore, using everyday words in the answers will aid the examiner in understanding the answers more quickly. Students can get help from different websites.
  • In addition, students can benefit with Our IB Maths Instruction classes and formulate answers in their own language. This will allow students remember the entire syllabus.

The absence of citations In IB Internal Assessments

  1. This is a vital point to be aware of, as many students fail to include the citations.
  2. This can lead to plagiarism that is an academically dishonest act and is punishable with a penalty by examiners.
  3. Therefore, it is important to provide the source from which the information is sourced.
  4. Students can stay clear of such situations by following a few basic guidelines
  • Be sure to include enough references
  • Make use of quotation marks when you answer your questions.
  • Do not copy directly without using quotation marks.
  • Write the opening paragraph using your own language and use citations to back your assertions.

Inadvertently labeling tables and graphs-Common Errors in IB Maths IA

When it comes to internal tests there are many students who get caught up in numerous confusions and are working in a rush. This is why a majority of students fail to identify tables or graphs, which creates a difficult task for the examiners. The examiners being in such an uneasy situation could cause the loss of marks. Students should be able to explain each graph and table in a clear and understandable way.

An unfocused idea of the papers 1, 2 and 3.

  1. Lack of understanding about our writing assignments  or Ib internal assessment can create unwelcome circumstances in exam time. Because of their rigorous study and practice, students are more likely to ignore exam routines or their conduct. 
  2. Unfortunately, this usually causes confusion. Five hours of time for reading are given before each paper. For IB, SL has only two papers. In contrast, HL has 3. The papers (1 and two) are 90 minutes length.
  3. In addition, the paper 3 will last for 30 minutes long. Many students aren’t aware of the exam design and duration of the paper.
  4. Therefore, it is crucial to be educated.
  5. Being aware of exam routines will aid students in managing their time effectively and help make them more prepared for the fight to come.
  6. To stay clear of this kind of situation students should seek out assistance by contacting IB Maths Tutors Online. They also provides the Ib internal assessment
  7. Since it will remove any doubts about IB exam procedures and exam patterns, it opens the door to many ideas, and help students in preparing for the exam.

Cross check your GDC –

  1. Graphical calculators may not be straightforward to operate and can be an overwhelming task, especially when you are using these calculators at first.
  2. This is why many students lose much time working with GDC. In addition, many students do not pay much focus to GDC.
  3. So, when they take the exam they may have difficulty operating the calculator and ultimately leads to a loss of time.
  4. We all know that practice can be a way to improve your skills. Learning to use GDC requires time, but practicing with it can help you get better at taking the field.
  5. In addition, solving questions using calculators can help us perform amazing feats during exam day. Being able to access GDC prior to the exam is more efficient for students.

The absence of deep research

  • This is among the frequent mistakes made by students. A lot of students rely on different sources, which can result in poor performance, and also confuses students with the concept easily.
  • It is therefore essential to obtain in-depth, accurate information from reliable sources.
  • In this situation it is more beneficial to get help from an IB tutor and subject guide.
  • This will allow students to be able to access high-quality content.
Applying complicated formulas
  • In many instances students make a mistake. They think that using complex methods to answer questions improves their score.
  • It can be confusing for examiners, and requires them to take patience to fully comprehend each question. This leads to marks being deducted.
  • It is therefore essential to make use of correct formulas and answer the questions in depth as instructed during the course.

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