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Comforter VS Blanket, What’s Better Choice for Your Hotel?

Comforter VS Blanket

Staying at a hotel, guests look forward to comfortable bedding and sleeping peacefully at night; without feeling too hot or cold. There are various hotel blanket choices that you can choose from that the leading hotel supplier such as DZEE Textiles has to offer. Two of the competing choices there are between a comforter vs blanket, which is the better choice for your hotel.

Depending on what are hotel blankets made of, hotel location, hotel blankets wholesale prices, and related factors determine the best hotel blankets for your property.

What is a Comforter?

A comforter has two layers with a middle of insulation which is made of either natural goose or duck down or even down alternatives such as; silk, wool, cotton, and polyester. Down alternative fills such as cotton and polycotton is very popular for their comfort, loft, and warmth. It is fluffy and usually has a box-quilted design which adds to the comforter durability, prevents fill clumping, and makes them breathable. Which ensures guests sleep through the night in comfortable temperatures and don’t feel too suffocated.

What is a Hotel Blanket?

Blankets are manufactured to have only a single warm fabric layer that is comfortable and offers less insulation; while making it the perfect choice for wintery nights. When it comes to what are hotel blankets made of you have two material choices which include either 100% cotton or polycotton material.

You will find affordable hotel blankets wholesale options in both materials and depending on your hotel requirements; you can choose the best hotel blankets for your property accordingly.

Features of a Hotel Blanket and Comforter

When it comes to comforter vs blanket, which is the better choice for your hotel; you need to look into the features both have to offer.

Hotel Storage

Whether it is the weather fluctuation or just excess of blankets that need to store during the off-season, storage is a concern for hotels. They don’t need things taking up extra space making it difficult to run hotel operations. But since comforters are bulkier, you need a little bit more space to store them in comparison to blankets. You need to be a little more tactful in how you store them.

While a hotel blanket is only a single layer which means it doesn’t have that much of a loft or fluff; hence it occupies significantly less place. This makes it easier for them to store blankets.

Comforter and Blanket Care

Whether you’re washing a comforter or a blanket, it is better to read the manufacturer’s care instructions. This will help you achieve optimum hygiene without damaging the material. Comforters have a thicker fill which means, you need to be gentler with them while washing as not to cause any clumping or tears. With blankets, you need to ensure they snag or tear while being washed in the machines.

By looking into the instructions and purchasing from leading hotel suppliers, you will find blankets and comforters that are institutional laundering safe.

Hotel Blankets Wholesale Price

There are varying factors that include blanket and comforter manufacturing material, weave, and construction; which directly impact the blanket price. Comforters may generally cost a bit more in comparison to blankets. But they are both a smart long-term investment depending on your hotel status and location, and paying the right price for quality blankets; gives you value for money.

What Factors to Look into When Purchasing Blanket or Comforter?

When purchasing either of the two, you need to look into the characteristics they have to offer to make the best choice for your property.


When choosing blankets, you need to consider what are hotel blankets made of, the sizes they have to offer, and the weave. These factors contribute to them being comfortable for guests, durable, and value-adding for the hotel property.

The sizes matter because you don’t want your guests to either get smothered or not have enough blankets to cover themselves up completely. The material they are manufactured from needs to be durable and provide enough warmth for guests to sleep comfortably. The weave again contributes to durability and breathability which results in the best hotel blankets for your property.


When it comes to comforters, taking the above-mentioned factors into account is essential. Along with that, you also need to consider the season, insulation, hypoallergic characteristics and care instructions.

A lightweight comforter during warmer times and a heavyweight comforter during winters is the right choice. Then you have down alternative or down fill options with cotton or polycotton shell option that needs to be hypoallergic so that it is skin-friendly. Also, comforters that are institutional laundering resistant are easy to keep clean and don’t require too much time and effort by the housekeeping.

Comforter vs blanket, which is the better choice for your hotel depends on varying factors. Outright saying you should opt for a hotel blanket or comforter is not the right way to make the final decision. You need the best hotel blankets wholesale supplier such as DZEE Textiles that state what are hotel blankets made of and what benefits a comforter has to offer. What according to you are the best hotel blankets and comforter features that one should keep in mind? Which one would you choose for your hotel? Let us know in the comments below.

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