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Choosing the Right Gated Community Access Control System

The importance of physical security cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to gated community Access control systems, which are popular targets for break-ins and robberies. Installing the right gate access control system can help deter these crimes and even catch perpetrators in the act.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right gated community access control system.

What is Gate Access Control?

The term gate access control is used to describe any system that allows a single person or vehicle to pass through a gate upon entering an access code, swiping an RFID card, or using a keypad and PIN number.

Gate access control systems are often used in gated communities in order to restrict who enters and leaves. There are three main types of gate access control systems: wireless, IP, and hardwired. Each type comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks depending on your needs.

Why do you need Gate Access Control?

High Security

Having a gate with access control is one of many ways to add layers of security around your home and property.

A gated community access control system is designed to safeguard all who enter and exit your community, whether they be members or guests. The system can include access cards, which only allow people approved by you to enter and leave through a secured entrance and exit point.


A system that is reliable and convenient for you is one of the most important factors in choosing a gated community access control system. Many systems have applications that allow you to use a smartphone or another device to open your gate remotely.

Depending on your preference, many gate automation systems also allow you to use access cards or a key fob as well. Some systems even have biometric capabilities that can identify an individual by their fingerprint to grant them access.

Increase property value

A gated community access control system can help you realize an increase in property value, as well as home security. In addition to discouraging intruders from gaining access to your private property, these types of systems also have cameras and motion detectors that notify management when there is suspicious activity on your property.

This gives you extra security and peace of mind – and in turn, increases your home’s value. In today’s world of chaos and violence, it is especially important to protect those most valuable – children.

Integrated Lifestyle

The point of living in a gated community is to protect your lifestyle. If you’re looking for protection for your most valuable assets, such as your family and home, then you should look no further than a professionally managed gate access control system.

A well-maintained, fully integrated gate access control system can drastically improve your sense of peace and security as it relates to family and home.

Eco-friendly Living

The smart locks in gated community access control systems are a bit more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than traditional options. In addition to streamlining operations, they require less maintenance—and no batteries.

Gated systems help you save on energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and ensure that each customer is charged based on his or her actual gate usage. There’s also an added benefit of peace of mind, as these systems can alert you if someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your property.

Types of Gate Access Control Systems

Gate Intercom Systems

Most gate intercom systems are equipped with a two-way video intercom that allows visitors to talk with tenants and vice versa. Tenants can open gates remotely for visitors and visitors can call, ask for entry, and talk to tenants when they enter.

Advanced systems are also equipped with audio and video recording.  It enables tenants to keep track of who has entered in case there is any question about their visit later on.

Telephone entry systems

Many gated communities still use a telephone entry system that dates back to before gated communities were even a thing. These are fast, easy to use, and no doubt a cost-saving feature for homebuilders. But they come with major drawbacks as well. They don’t have call-forwarding or hold capabilities and can only handle so many people on one line.

RFID gate access control systems

The best choice for most gated communities is a remote-control gate access control system. Which is employs radio frequency identification technology (RFID).

RFID systems transmit data between an RFID card and a reader. The communication is encrypted to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your property. They are also more secure than traditional key fobs and make. It easier for authorized personnel to enter and exit through your gates.


With so many gate access control systems on today’s market, it’s crucial to find one that fits your specific community. Look for a company that can provide maintenance services. And which is at an affordable price and has a variety of available gate hardware.

You should also make sure your access control system is easy to use for guests with disabilities or technological limitations. Keep these things in mind when you’re shopping around for a system. And you’ll find one that keeps you safe and secure.

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