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Can Stress Cause Scintillating Scotoma?

Scotoma is a medical condition that happens when your eyes are tired or stressed. It is a visual impairment in which your central vision gets blurred. It is also known as ‘Scotopic Vision Impairment’. People with scotoma may experience difficulties while reading books, doing their work, watching TV, or using a computer. It is cause by damage to the retina and affects the vision of both eyes.

It can affect different parts of the brain. The most common part affected by the scotoma is the primary visual cortex. In other words, the visual cortex gets over stimulated by the scotoma and this leads to problems with vision. Thus, scotoma reduces the visual field. The first line of defense against the effects of scotoma is the primary visual cortex. The primary visual cortex gets overstimulate by the scotoma. Thus, it becomes a problem. Therefore, it is better to prevent scotoma than treat it.

What Causes Scotoma?

It Can Be Caused By Several Reasons Like:




Medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases

Lack of sleep

Certain prescription drugs

How Do You Know If You Have Scotoma?

You may have this condition without knowing it. But there are certain signs that can help you determine whether you are having this condition or not. The first sign is a sudden decrease in your vision. You may not notice this until it is too late. Another sign is the appearance of dark spots or lines in the shape of the objects on the screen. These lines will appear on the screen in the shape of the object you are looking at. If you are watching TV, then these lines will appear in the shape of the TV set.

What Should You Do If You Have Scotoma?

The first thing you need to do is visit an eye doctor as soon as possible. This condition can be treat easily and within a few days your vision will be back to normal. But it is better to get this condition treat as soon as possible because it can cause permanent damage to your eyes if not treated on time.

The problem in your eyes should be examine by a specialist who has experience and knowledge of handling eye problems. After the diagnosis, it is advisable to have the glasses repaired as soon as possible. The other option is to buy new frames for your glasses but you must consult an expert before buying a new set of glasses. This will help you to maintain your good vision. There are many other ways to treat this eye condition and these are discuss below. When you talk about vision, we mean how well you see things with your eyes. Vision is a complex process.


Stress can affect your health in many ways, including causing scotoma. So, it is better to avoid stress and try to have a healthy lifestyle. Avoid using computer for long hours, keep your room clean and uncluttered, take proper and adequate sleep, and avoid junk food. All these things will help you stay away from scotoma.


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