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Can I Move To Study In Canada After Graduation?

Canada has boundless opportunities for new graduates and a thriving work culture. Due to the high quality of life, students prefer to Study In Canada After Graduation.

There are documents students require to enter the country and specific steps to be followed. We list below some of the essentials required:


Choose a college and apply

Make sure you get through college and take admission before you plan to switch. Decide where you wish to stay. Check the list of colleges and courses available beforehand. After selecting the ideal course, apply next. See if the college meets your criteria and is affordable. Get the admission letter and make a move. Also, check the Pre-departure Services for the province. An individual must have it in place.


Sufficient funds

An individual need to show proof of funds. They must have enough money to pay for their living and other expenses.


No criminal record

One has to prove that he holds no criminal record. It is best to provide a police certificate.


Proof of good health

Go through a medical exam to prove you are in good mental and physical health.


Proof of leave after the permit expires.

You will have to prove to an officer once the permit expires, you will leave.


Getting the documents in order

To work or stay in Canada, the following documents are a must. Those willing to study after graduation can also check if they must clear the SATExam.


Proof of acceptance

Show the letter of acceptance from your company. Provide an original acceptance letter or an electronic version.


Proof of identity

Have all the valid travel documents, passport, and recent photos ready.


Proof of financial support

Show a bank statement to reveal that you have sufficient funds to survive in a foreign land. Also, check if there are any funds available from within Canada. Letter of explanation that states why you prefer to study or work in Canada. Check the visa office for further details


Steps to be followed after arrival in Canada

After arriving in Canada, set up the necessities to feel comfortable.



Get a place to live. Start investigating and look for something closer that suits your needs.


Get a local sim

Set up a mobile plan as per the Canadian protocols and systems.


Get a bank account

Open a bank account to manage your finances.


Different modes of entry to Canada

Express Entry

Considered the fastest mode. All a student requires is a year’s experience either in Canada or abroad. Those who worked as a part-timer during their foreign studies can be counted for eligibility. The chances of express entry will increase if there are Canadian job offers, work experience, and language proficiency. Students must keep it clear that being eligible for a profile will not ensure one can get permanent residence here


Canadian study permit

Those who wish to Study Abroad in Canada but do not have sufficient work experience to qualify for Express entry can try this. Canada is internationally recognized for providing quality education. It is a top choice for international students.

So, try opting for post-secondary credentials in Canada. Those who complete a Canadian post-secondary credential from a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) can be eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

After getting the permit, one can work in any part of Canada. Next is gaining experience and applying for permanent residency.


Entrepreneur Immigration

After graduating, if you wish to start a business in Canada, check the requirements of the province where you wish to stay. Different nominee programs for entrepreneurs run in each province. They have their requirements and processes.

Two years of relevant management or business ownership experience might be required in some provinces. But places like Alberta have an entrepreneur stream aimed at recent foreign graduates. It requires lower work experience requirements, as minimum as 6 months.


Cost to immigrate to Canada as a recent graduate

It is essential to plan accordingly and meet the minimum fund requirements when immigrating to Canada. Go through the Canadian Immigration Processing Fees page to see the application rates. The processing fees are also to be considered. See if there are any additional fees required and eligibility requirements. For example, some might have to take language exams and Education Credential Assessment (ECA) reports.

Those individuals who completed a credential outside of Canada must obtain an Education Credential Assessment (ECA). As well it must determine its Canadian equivalent. This will play an essential role in determining eligibility for  Canadian immigration programs.


Student Direct Stream

Student Direct Stream (SDS) program allows one to expedite the study permit process. The SDS applications are processed within 20 calendar days. It depends on where you live. Individuals are required to visit the Government of Canada website, as the SDS application is only available online.

Remember that a study permit is not a visa. An individual might need a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to travel to or enter Canada.

Note- A Start-Up Visa immigration program for certain innovative businesses is also being offered by the Canadian government. It helps Canada compete on a global scale.

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