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Best Evening Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Biking

Desert safari Dubai

Have you ever tried quad-biking? No, don’t waste any time. A Quad-biking adventure is part of the best evening desert safari in Dubai that we have planned for you. You will enjoy the safe thrill of riding quad bikes over the dunes. In Dubai, you can go dune bashing with your quad bikes. This is a unique thing to do. During the pulsating desert adventure, you are sure to enjoy every second of it. See how excited you get.


Evening Desert Safari in Dubai with Quad Biking


At the end of the evening desert safari with quad biking, it takes about 5 to 6 hours to do everything. Don’t miss dune-bashing if you want to have fun on your evening desert safari with quad bikes. They drive the cars up and down the sand. It’s a lot of fun to hit the sand dunes for about 30 to 45 minutes. This activity makes you feel like you’re going to die.


All the people we hire to drive you around are well-trained and licensed. They drive you in 4WD Land Cruisers to the sand dunes in Dubai. One car can hold up to 6 or 7 people (sometimes from different groups unless you book for a Private Sunset Desert Safari with Quad biking in Dubai).



After 45 minutes of dune bashing, the next thing to do is Sand-boarding, Quad Biking/ATV, and Camel Riding, which are the next three things. If you include them in your package, you can ride them for 5 minutes. We give you extra time for sand-boarding, quad biking, and camel riding if you pay extra money.




At all times, we work hard to make sure that you get the best sunset safari in Dubai. Our main goal is to make quad biking the safest and most fun experience for you.


Quad Biking


A quad bike runs on 4 low-pressure air tires, and the ATV driver straddles the seat. The ATV has handlebars so that you can steer it. The ATV quad bike is an off-road vehicle used for fun and safe adventures.


Quad biking on the beautiful Sand Dunes


Tour guides and professional drivers tell you everything you need to know about the quad bike before you get on. If you like motorsports or even just driving, quad biking will be a great thing for you to do. One of the best parts of the sunset desert safari in Dubai is riding on a quad bike!


Evening Quad Biking Adventure


You can also go Quad-biking in the evening to have fun when the sun goes down. Our drivers and tour guides will pick you up in our cars and drive you to the desert. You can go quad biking at the desert place during the cool evening hours. A different way to do things is available for your convenience.


You might not have much time for your tour in the middle of the day. But you want to ride a quad bike at the Sunset Desert Safari in Dubai, so that’s why you’re there. Thrill-seekers like this can go quad biking in just a few evening hours. They can enjoy their experience to the max! You will be dropped off at the end of the adventure in your car.


Quad Biking Adventure Plans


Professional tour guides show the participants how to use the quad bike one-on-one. They let the person riding the bike handle it if they are confident. The guides get to know each person and let them drive over all the dunes. If the person on tour can’t drive the ATV independently, the tour guide rides with them and helps them move the cars.


All the quad bikes have GPS systems to keep track of their bikes. Our tour guides also have a walkie-talkie to always talk to each other. We always have water for the people going quad biking with us.


After the quad biking, it’s time to look at the sunset and take some sky pictures. You can enjoy traditional Arabic coffee, dates, and other snacks to start with at the campsite. You go around the camp and take pictures in Arab clothes for henna painting. You also smoke the Hubbly-Bubbly, which has a fruity taste.


There will be a huge BBQ buffet dinner with food from both Arab and international cuisines to make your taste buds tingle. Desert Safari Dubai Participants enjoy belly or Tanoura dancing. Yula/Fire dancers might show up if available, but it might not happen. Ending the program, the driver drops you off at the pick-up point.

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