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Best educational technology online whiteboard

Best educational technology online whiteboard


Educational Technology such as the online whiteboard is constantly transforming how we work, play, create, and communicate. So it’s only logical that new digital technology is transforming schooling.

Teachers may use technology to help students learn and grow. These days, there’s a lot of buzz about how assistive technology might help individuals learn better.

We’ll look at some of the best educational technology like online whiteboards as well as some specific edtech tools and trends

  • Educational approaches to learning, including theory and practice
  • The use of technology to learn and exchange knowledge.
  • Technology in the Classroom

The value of online whiteboard in educational technology


One of the most fundamental definitions of educational technology is, “technology-enables communication and knowledge exchange.”

Consider augmented and virtual reality. On Forbes.com, technology expert Daniel Newman discussed the “Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in Education.” It can “improve teacher instruction while producing immersive lessons that are exciting and engaging for students,” he said. He wants us to consider using VR to transport students to ancient Greece.

Using games in the classroom “may make learning tough subject matter more engaging and interactive,” says Newman.

According to Newman, an Australian institution employed IBM’s Watson to create a 24-hour virtual student advisory service. Watson’s virtual advisors addressed almost 30,000 questions in the first three months. This allowed human advisors to tackle more difficult topics.

An online math game for grades 1-8 called ProwdigyGame.com provides a study called “25 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom.” Their ideas:

25 Classroom Technology Ideas…


Their ideas:

  • Taking a Virtual Field Trip: Explore famous places like the Empire State Building or the Great Barrier Reef using technology.
  • On a Webquest, kids learn to search for and process information in an enjoyable way. They could be put in the role of a detective to solve a “case.” They could research a topic by looking at specific sources and websites.
  • It can be a terrific tool to augment classes, improve auditory learners, and even teach pupils new skills.

“What Does Online whiteboard Educational Technology Hold?” David Andrade


Robotics and virtual reality are expected to be increasingly deployed in the coming few years. In four to five years, Andrade predicts “artificial intelligence and wearable technology” will be commonplace.

Less boring and less productive classrooms and virtual classes will be created by teachers who learn to use educational technology.

Classroom technology


Using new technology to create new ways to teach and help students learn is also an essential element of educational technology.

The teachers are the ones who know how to employ this new technology to expand their students’ educational horizons. They are inspired to do so.

It’s not about the technology, but about their kids, according to an International Society for Technology in Education research.

Increased personalized learning possibilities, collaborative classrooms, and novel tactics like “flipped learning” will benefit pupils.

Getting a master’s in educational technology isn’t only about acquiring new tools, ideas, and practices. It’s also about understanding the underlying structures required for optimal performance.

These are the instructional technologies:


Concerning policy and law,

Moral issues: (student privacy, etc.)

  • Grants and budgets
  • Real-world applications (the world of work, partnership opportunities, etc.)
  • Networking, hardware, and LMS
  • Student access to community and school resources.
  • Ability to conduct a school or district needs assessment
  • A master’s degree is invaluable for teachers who are thrilled about the great possibilities of educational technology.

The significance of a master’s degree in educational technology


“Technology is the pen and paper of our time,” argues education technology pioneer David Warlick.

Educational technology has recently attracted a lot of attention. To help teachers innovate in their classrooms, schools, and districts, new advanced degree programs have emerged.

The finest programs for IT students handle important issues including budgeting, legal/ethical issues, real-world partnerships, educational equity, and so on.

Educational technology’s aim


The University of San Diego, for example, is expanding its popular online masters in the education program. The program’s purpose is to assist teachers to become effective K-12 technology leaders, coaches, and innovators who use technology to help children learn.

The program’s wholly online style allows busy instructors to obtain their master’s degree in 20 months while still working full time.

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