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Avoid these common mistakes during a residential move

Experience is a prerequisite for making a move. You will never make the same mistakes again when you first address change.

We wrote this post because we thought of all those who will make their first move. We will be happy if we can avoid them all before they happen.

1.- Don’t meet with the moving company

It is a good idea to make an appointment with the Professional Residential Moving Service providing company to get a tight budget. This will help you avoid any future problems related to vehicle selection.

This will allow the company’s staff to see what you have and calculate the vehicles required to transport it. This is the best way for you to ensure that everything runs smoothly and without any unexpected events.


2.- Filling up the packing boxes

Another mistake beginners make is thinking that transferring will be easier and more straightforward if there are fewer packages. This is often incorrect, especially if the package weight makes it difficult to move them.

We recommend that you don’t fill boxes with too many books, records, documents, such as albums, etc. You can’t move a cardboard box if it is full to the top. The bottom of the box may not be able to withstand weight and breaks.

The weight of a box should not exceed 20 kilos. This ensures that the box is mobile and won’t break during transportation.


3.- Place the crockery plates horizontally

Contrary to what you should do for books, it is best to store the dishes of the tableware you will be transporting vertically. While it may seem natural to place them horizontally, one after the other, this is one of the most common mistakes in addressing changes.

You should choose a small box, place a cloth or foam padding on the bottom, and wrap the dishes in newspaper or packing paper. You will be less likely to break them if they are broken or if the weight of the dish falls on them. Don’t forget to put “Fragile” on the label.


4.- Don’t empty dresser and cabinet drawers

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes made in a move is not emptying drawers, chests or shoe cabinets, and auxiliary furniture. In addition to making it difficult to move, this oversight can also add weight. It is possible that the drawers will be opened during the move, causing all of their contents to be lost.

You should check the drawers of your furniture before you move. You will be able to make a great first move if your drawers are not only empty but also sealed with insulating tape.

These are the things you would have done if you hadn’t read this article. If you didn’t, I’m glad that I helped and made your move smooth.

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