Asus WiFi 6 Router Not Getting Full Speed? How To Troubleshoot It!

If you buy a new router, then first you have to set it up. Without setting up the router you will not be able to enjoy the wireless network. The Asus wifi 6 router is a wireless & elevated-speed wireless networking device. It completely works perfectly with all home networking apparatus like IP cameras, speakers, wireless doorbells, PC, & more. The wireless network connectivity is stronger because the next-generation WiFi standard 802.11ac is compatible with this router. Through this network, this router gives incredible Wi-Fi range as well as coverage. The ultrafast wireless transmission speed of this WiFi 6 router. The MU-MIMO technology entirely provides the opportunity for multiple devices to access the wireless range. 

Moreover, the Wi-Fi 6 network is widely compatible with the Asus WiFi dual-band gigabit router. The Wi-Fi 6 network has more capacity than the Wi-Fi 5 network. You absolutely stream the movies/ videos, play a gaming console, & also download long files. To get a better range, you have to perform the router setup. For the router setup, the asus router app is available. Through this app, you can simply perform the wireless setup. 

Issues: Asus WiFi 6 Router Not Getting Full Speed

The Asus WiFi router delivers full high-speed because it is compatible with Wi-Fi 6 network. This network enhances the internet connection. But many times the router does not get full speed, due to which the user is not able to do video streaming, online games, and video chats. There may be some issues due to which the router is not able to get full speed.

  • Outside interface
  • The router is not connecting to the cable modem
  • Outdating router’s firmware
  • Not connecting to the 5GHz network
  • The router may not have been set up with the internet

Troubleshooting tactics: Asus WiFi 6 Router Not Getting Full Speed

If the Asus wireless router is not getting full high speed then you should try to resolve the issue. After knowing its issue, you will be able to resolve this issue quickly. Let’s start fixing the issue. 

Asus router setup with internet connection

To resolve the issue, you have to do the router setup with the internet connection. Firstly, you have to access the router’s login admin panel. For this, navigate the internet browser or other, in your Wi-Fi network-enabled device. With the login default IP, you will be able to reach the login admin panel. With the default login username & password, you can efficiently & simply log in to the router account. Now, you will be reached on the home management page. Next, follow on-screen instructions & completely set up the router with the internet. 

Connect the Asus router with a cable modem

To improve the Wi-Fi speed, you have to connect the Asus router to the modem. You can simply connect the router with the cable modem through an Ethernet cable. But before connecting the router to the modem, place the router around the cable modem. You have to connect the yellow WAN port to the cable modem LAN port by using the Ethernet cable. In the end, switch ON the power of the WiFi router as well as the cable modem, & verify the WiFi speed.

Reboot the Asus router 

To fix the WiFi speed, you can reboot the wireless router. To reboot the Wi-Fi router, you have to unplug the router’s AC power adapter from the power socket. Also, unplug the power cord into the router’s power jack. Additionally, if the cable modem is connected to the router, then you need to unplug. You have to leave your modem like this for some time. After that, you have to plug a power adapter again and turn off the power to the router.

Updating the firmware

You have to update the router’s firmware version if it is outdated. Due to outdated firmware, the router is not able to get the full speed. But the user is wondering about what is my asus router account. Additionally, individuals simply identify the account with the default login IP. To update the recent firmware version, get the login admin panel with the default IP. Then, you have to use the login username & password, also mention these details in the available section. You have to click the advanced setting, & find the firmware upgrade option. The latest file is necessary to upgrade to the latest firmware version. You have to upload this file in their section. In the end, click the upgrade section. Now, the Asus router firmware is starting to update. 

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