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When deciding between custom web development and a website builder, there are a few things to think about. (website builder)

There are numerous advantages to using website builders rather than web designers or developers to create a reliable, professional website. Let’s look at five crucial criteria that sway the scales in favour of website builders.

1. Quickness and efficiency (website builder)

As evidenced by the recent Core Web Vitals update, Google is going all-in on improving the user experience. The speed and performance of a website are crucial factors in providing a seamless, fluid browsing experience as well as improving search engine rankings.

Compressing image files, employing lazy loading and caching, optimising JavaScript, using content delivery networks, and using fewer and better plugins are all approaches used by web designers to improve page loading times.

They construct website builders like Elementor for speed by default, but they also include regular upgrades to improve performance, such as:

Selective asset loading increases front-end website performance by minimising the amount of JavaScript code that is loaded by default on the page. They improve the page speed by loading only the required functions. They used lazy loading by some widgets to reduce page size and the number of HTTP requests made when the page first loads. The page’s performance is improved as a result of this.

Internal JavaScript and CSS optimization: (website builder)

In the Font Awesome library, users can customise the Google Fonts loading mechanism and the font-display property. It lowers render-blocking procedures and allows consumers more control over the appearance and functionality of the website.
Improved code output: by deleting wrapper components, they were able to produce a smaller DOM and simplify the code output. It also includes inline loading, which allows widgets to display without having to wait for all JavaScript files to be entirely downloaded before the content is rendered.

They are improving backend and rendering processes with page caching, including dynamic CSS loading and the rendering technique. It speeds up server-side rendering.
Using native browser support instead of CSS and JavaScript libraries: They decrease the use of specific CSS and JavaScript libraries and they replaced native browser support. This speeds up the implementation process and minimises the amount of time JavaScript takes to run. The Waypoints library, for example, has been deprecated in favour of the native Intersection Observer API.

In terms of page speed, Wix and GoDaddy are the most dependable website builders, performing well on both mobile and desktop. Google PageSpeed Insights scores for these platforms range from 94 to 92.

To maintain a custom-built website up to date with the newest performance benchmarks, they require continuous help from the web developer/designer.

2. Mobile compatibility (website builder)

Because of Google’s mobile-first indexing, they require mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive websites. Your website is unlikely to appear in searches conducted on tablets or smartphones if it does not render properly on mobile devices.

Even for expert web designers, creating a responsive website from scratch or many website variations (for each device) is difficult.

Mobile editing options are available in website builders to ensure that websites are fully responsive. Mobile font size, responsive column width, padding and margins, reverse columns, responsive scaling, and visibility components are just a few of the features that assist design mobile-friendly websites.

Wix has a mobile editor that allows you to adjust the size of your pages, blogs, and eCommerce functions to fit smaller displays. Its layouts are mobile-friendly but not entirely responsive, however they’re getting better all the time.


Mobile-responsive themes from Squarespace and GoDaddy look amazing on a variety of mobile devices.

You may select between Weebly’s mobile-responsive templates, which are all beautiful and customisable.

Custom breakpoints for up to seven devices (including mobile) are available in Elementor 3.4, allowing for better, more responsive webpages. As a result, your website can provide a better user experience.

Everything about your website’s mobile performance is under your control with a small learning curve. When you hire a web developer/designer, this is not the case.

3. Options for personalization

To speed up website construction, most website builders provide a library of templates. To guarantee that each website is unique and on-brand, they provide a choice of customization options and widgets.

However, ensuring that they apply all branding aspects such as logos, colour palettes, typefaces, and layouts uniformly throughout all of a brand’s websites, landing pages, and resource pages is a difficult undertaking. To maintain brand consistency, website designers must constantly redefine global settings.

With customisable website kits that can be exported as a whole website and applied to a new or ongoing project, Elementor’s Full Website Kits solves the problem. Moreover, with new widgets like Cart and Checkout, it’s latest eCommerce upgrade (Elementor 3.5) gives you more options when designing an online store.


Besides, with over 800 customisable layouts, Wix is great for folks who desire a lot of creative freedom. Its app store has hundreds of free and paid integrations to help you expand the functionality of your website.

Weebly’s structured and regular patterns will help you if design isn’t your strong suit. Its App Center, which is both free and paid, has more complex capabilities and tools.

Compared to other website builders, Squarespace provides fewer designs, but they designed it to accentuate visual components and contain industry-specific functionality and layouts.

As a result, the website builder platform assists you in optimising your eCommerce site for a better consumer experience, increased conversions, and increased sales.

4. Maintenance and cost

Simply said, building a website with a website builder is far less expensive than hiring a web developer/designer. There are also little to no maintenance headaches because the website builder firm handles everything necessary to keep a website up and running while also protecting it from viruses and technical concerns.

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