Are Foldable Smartphones Will Rule Global Market in 2022

It looks like 2022 is going to be the year of a foldable smartphone. Not only in India but also across the globe. The tech market foldable phones will certainly bring a huge storm and start dominating it. Samsung started the trend of a foldable smartphone with their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. But the rest of the phone manufacturers are following the same path. They will soon introduce consumers to their first foldable device.

Growth and Companies that are Expected to launch Foldable Device in 2022

The top brands that we expect will launch foldable smartphones in 2022 are Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo. Furthermore, it is anticipated that around 300,000 foldable devices will be sold this year. It would be quite a jump compared to last year’s sales which were 1,75,150. Numbers may likely cross the 300,000 units target and surpass all the expectations.

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It is expected that the foldable smartphone industry gets to see 60% growth and will earn Rs. 3,200 crore. Foldable devices are considered a part of a luxury item costing the consumer over Rs. 50,000.

Government Approval 

Various smartphone manufacturers are trying to improve the foldable device aspect ratio. So the users get a foldable phone with a slim body and widescreen. The administration has already started to get applications from companies. They need the approval to set up the semiconductor fabs as well. To display additional stuff associated with the program.

Google Foldable Pixel Notepad

Last year even in 2022 Google was making the headlines. For being next in the line to launch the foldable smartphone that will be called Pixel Fold. But these rumors were bashed and according to recent reports. It is expected that Google will name their foldable device Pixel Notepad. That’s not the only thing that got users excited. There is one other thing that will make the launch of Pixel Notepad sweeter. 

It will be affordable as compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 which costs around $2000. But Pixel Notepad will only cost around $1,799. There is one thing that we are still unsure about is whether Google launches Pixel Notepad in India or not? Because with their previous flagship series they avoided the Indian market. 

The rest is assured if you are interested in the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3. Since it is our only option in the present but that might change in the upcoming months. When other companies start launching their foldable devices all over the world. They may even cut the extra cost of the manufacturing resulting in an affordable foldable device. Compared to Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the upcoming Pixel Notepad.

Future of Foldable Smartphones

We are counting on the foldable 5G smartphone to be the game-changer.

Not only for smartphones but also for tablets. Due to their wider screen and foldability making it a better portable device. Having access to multiple apps at once and doing multitasking easily.

It won’t come as surprising or shocking. If they are more popular amongst consumers in comparison to regular smartphones that are already available in the market at various price ranges. An affordable range of foldable smartphones will make consumers go berserk over them that’s for sure.

Final Verdict:- Foldable smartphones will bring a massive change to the Indian economy. If the manufacturers decide to manufacture foldable devices in India. It will certainly bring more job opportunities for youngsters. 

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