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Apple App Store Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

Apple App Store Statistics

What is the Apple App Store?

Apple is a household name that requires no introduction. They have one of the world’s most impressive product catalogs, offering a wide range of popular devices, software applications, and online services. The Apple App Store is the most notable of these innovations.

A 28-year-old Steve Jobs described a future in which consumers could buy and download software directly from their computers at the 1983 International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado.

The Apple App Store became one of the world’s first commercially successful mobile app marketplaces after the success of the iTunes digital music store. It now connects millions of iOS device users to millions of mobile apps and games from developers and publishers worldwide.

Apple’s App Store debuted in 2008, a day before the release of the iPhone 3G. Apple has launched the App Store to provide a variety of apps, both first-party and third-party, to users of the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple Watch. Initially, there were 500 apps to download, with 25% of them being free. This is available in 175 different countries. Since 2016, Apple has allowed advertising in the app store, which places the application with paid ads at the top of the search results when specific keywords are entered. It also gives developers the ability to respond to user feedback.

Apple App Store is the most popular app store among users after Google Play Store.

Apple App Store Statistics

  1. Apple’s App Store has 3.6 million apps and 984,000 games
  2. Games make up 21.8% of the App Store.
  3. Business and education are the second and third most popular categories
  4. As of the first quarter of 2021, around 2.22 million mobile apps were available in the Apple App Store, representing a 6.10 percent increase of available apps compared to the previous quarter.

  5.  As of March 2022, 93.9 percent of all iOS applications were available for free.
  6. According to March 2022 there were roughly 60 thousand apps priced less than a dollar in the Apple App Store. Approximately 4,071 apps in the Apple Store were priced between nine and 10 U.S. Dollars.
  7. This statistic shows the average number of new iOS app releases in the Apple App Store per month as of February 2021. During the last measured period, approximately 26 thousand mobile apps were released through the Apple App Store.
  8. The iOS Apple App Store is one of the most popular mobile app vendors on the planet, offering 2,012,940 apps.
  9. Last month, iOS Apple App Store added 27,107 in their App Store. Here are the upload statistics over the last three months:
  10. By enabling users to rate apps available on the iOS Apple App Store, consumers and app developers alike are better able to determine the popularity and quality of each app. Currently, 870,864 (43%) apps have been rated by users while 1,142,076 (57%) have not yet been rated.
  11. The Most popular App categories in the Apple App Store are Games with 21.08% of the stake, business, and education. All the above statistics will help both developers and marketers in planning their strategy for their next iOS application. I hope this article has given you fruitful insights. Do you know more statistics? Comment down.


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