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All You Need to Know About Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Exam Questions

The Azure Developer Associate Exam Questions are asked in order to analyze candidates’ capabilities. This is because they judge capabilities about creating scalable solutions from definition to design to development, deployment, and maintenance. All those resources are subject to performance tweaking and monitoring. But, if you want to take the AZ-400 exam, this is one of the requirements.

This exam truly covers all parts of constructing the resource in C# or your preferred programming language. However, Microsoft prefers C#. The test needs knowledge of Azure SDKs, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI. It also prefers the ability to program in a language supported by Azure.
To sit for this exam, you must be familiar with the following crucial materials or be willing to learn them throughout your azure developer associate exam questions preparation.

  • Templates for Azure ARM.
  • Azure Container Registry is a service provided by Microsoft.
  • Knowledge of “Docker” is also beneficial.
  • Application Insights, Azure Web Apps (Tiers, Auto-scaling, Logs).
  • Azure Monitor is a service provided by Microsoft.
  • Azure Function is a service provided by Microsoft (Connectors,).
  • Logic Apps in Azure (Connectors).
  • Azure Cosmo DB is a database service provided by Microsoft.
  • Account for Azure Storage.
  • Azure Vault is a service provided by Microsoft.
  • Redis Cache in Azure.
  • Azure Event Grid, Event Notification Hub, an Event Hub are all terms for the same thing.
  • Queue Storage queues, Azure Service Bus.

Azure Developer Associate Exam Questions

Skills Covered by Azure Developer Associate Exam Questions

  • Create Azure computing solutions (25–30%).
  • Develop for Azure (10–15%) storage.
  • Azure security (15–20%) should be implemented.
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of Azure solutions (10–15%).
  • Connect to Azure services and third-party services and consume them (25–30%).

My Personal Experience

I’m not a .Net developer, but I did work with some C# code in college. This greatly aided me in passing the exam. You can still acquire the basics required for this exam if you are ready to put in the effort. I began studying for this exam approximately 20–25 days ago because I had limited time. I scheduled it ahead of time so, that I could prepare before the exam.

What Should You Expect from Azure Developer Associate Exam Questions?

Unlike the AZ-104 and some other Microsoft Exams, which focuses on Azure environment administration. The developer exam focuses on designing and planning solutions to help developers integrate Azure services into legacy and modern applications. You should be familiar with the most often used modules for a similar language, whether the app is written in Python, Java, C#, or any other similar language supported by Microsoft SDK.

You should be prepared to brainstorm solutions based on the azure developer associate exam questions requirements. I observed a lot more case studies than I anticipated. Also, don’t forget to deploy the resources and get some hands-on experience with Azure Portal. Do it by testing and exploring the service features.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before preparing azure developer associate exam questions

  • For more information about the services covered in the exam, visit the Microsoft Office Docs website.
  • Microsoft Learn modules contain a wide range of exercises and hands-on information. So, don’t miss out.
  • Practice the sample azure developer associate exam questions as often as possible. This will familiarize you with the kind of questions you might encounter on the exam.


Microsoft Educate

On the Learning page, Microsoft has a wealth of knowledge. It includes theoretical and lab stuff. It is worth practising.

Azure Developer Associate Exam Questions from Study4Exam

Study4Exam has some excellent practice material for exam preparation and exam readiness but, take the practice examinations from here, in my opinion. Make sure to take advantage of the SiteWide 50% Discount (Code — SAVE50). This discount is available for a limited time.

Azure Developer Associate Exam Questions

AZ-204 | Advantages of Certification

  • As previously said, industries are transforming. So, the demand for Cloud Computing expertise will continue to rise.
  • You have a better chance of being selected for an interview with the certification.
  • It ensures your employment security. So, simply go for it.
  • This qualification is required in order to take the DevOps exam.


In this exam, your practical experience will be your best friend. That’s exactly what the Microsoft Learn platform would provide. This is something I used a lot. Content for the azure developer associate exam questions are available on The Microsoft Learn

I wish you the best of luck as you work for your Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Exam certification.

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