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A formula for creating premium custom vape boxes

Custom vape packaging boxes has gained a lot of attention. It is currently the favoured box type for items in bespoke vape boxes. There are a number of causes for this, which we will cover in more detail in a moment. Let’s start off by giving you a thorough tutorial on how to create the highest calibre bespoke vape boxes.

Utilize the top resources available:

Let’s start by talking about the many materials that are at your disposal. Cardboard material It is the material for custom vape boxes that is most well-known and frequently used. It is a popular material for Custom Printed Boxes UK due to its affordable cost and robust nature.

Unlike traditional cardboard, rigid material is stronger and more durable, as the name suggests. It is perfect if you want to ship the vape boxes far away.

individual vape boxes

Organic sheets: This product is sometimes referred to as a Kraft sheet. It is entirely made of natural materials, with no synthetic materials. It is gaining popularity as a result of its organic nature.

Three sheets of fiberboard are bonded together to form a corrugated material, with one of the sheets having a wavy texture. Its strength is increased by this ataşehir escort configuration.

Vape Boxes.

Box design and aesthetic:

Custom vape packaging boxes would look great in a variety of designs. The following could be among them:

Box with a window

a mail box

box in sleeve

Tuck-end box, open

Although each of these boxes has unique characteristics and features, they are all used to hold the custom boxes firmly.

The custom box should have attractive artwork:

When we refer to artwork, we mean any graphics, photographs, pictures, patterns, designs, motifs, etc. that you would like to display on your custom vape boxes. They ought to be as eye-catching and enticing as possible. Don’t give in on them. They specify the appearance of your packaging and give the buyer a good first impression. The illustration should complement the merchandise. It ought should sync up perfectly. Animal or cartoon images are not permitted on vape boxes. We’re hoping you get the picture.

Pick a complementary colour scheme:

Selecting the right colour for the box is equally important to the artwork. There are several colours available, and you can also mix a hue just for vape boxes. There is no disputing that colour has the power to either elevate or destroy your box. However, wearing extremely bright shades is not a good idea. Similar to how dark and drab colours are very uninteresting, vape custom boxes will be. Find a medium ground that complements the box’s decor and the vape’s features.

Utilize the most recent print addition methods:

The printing industry has undergone several positive changes. Numerous printing techniques will aid in improving the box’s appearance and highlighting the content you have decided to display. The following are these techniques or methods:

Digital or screen printing

Whether to emboss or deboss

Plain or printed lamination

Matte or glossy finishes

Stamp foiling made of copper, gold, or silver

spot UV printing


These approaches not only provide decorative functions but also shield vapes from damage (lamination, for instance). They also aid in brand promotion. For instance, stamp foiling and embossing increase the significance and prominence of the typography.

Choosing the appropriate font and size:

You may choose from a wide variety of typefaces to use on bespoke vape boxes. Choose one that will appear appropriate on a vape packaging. Avoid using extremely quirky or theatrical fonts. On a vape box, it won’t work well. You must pick a readable typeface that is both elegant and fashionable. The size of the typeface is similarly important. Unsuitable size might undermine the impact. It’s not nice if it’s too small or large. Make it equal to the size of the box.

Update: Here's How to Tell if Your Vape Cartridge is Safe and Not Coun...

Share with the client relevant information:

You must provide the client with pertinent and useful information regarding custom vape boxes. Of course, you’ll mention the standard information like the company name, logo, tagline, etc. You can, however, share more than just that. It could be about the safety measures to take when vaping, a comparison of vaping and smoking, reasons why vaping is a better alternative to smoking, amusing or intriguing information about vapes, common myths about vaping, etc. All of this information will make your packaging stand out from the competition, which will be beneficial.

A manufacturer of vape boxes should be chosen:

You require the assistance of a capable and effective custom boxes manufacturer to create a stunning vape box. Choose carefully because there are a lot of companies on the market. You may look into its past performance and history.

A reputable manufacturer of custom boxes in various shapes and sizes is Fast Custom Boxes. One of their areas of expertise is custom vape boxes. The business ships everywhere and has clients all over the world. It will share 3D mock-ups of your boxes with you before shipping and make revisions if necessary. You won’t regret working with the organisation because it is entirely professional in every way.


That concludes our discussion of bespoke custom vape packaging boxes. We have discussed several methods for creating attractive vape box designs. Effective product sales require proper and precise packaging. Consequently, spend money on unique packaging for products like vapes. Long-term, the packing will pay off financially for you.

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