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9 Best IoT Trends to Seek Out in 2023

The term “internet of things” refers to the ever-growing networks of real-world objects that are connected, virtual, and able to talk to us and share data.

Only computers and smartphones could connect to the internet at first. Over the last few decades, smart alarm systems, lightbulbs, kettles, fridges, cameras, and lightbulbs have become commonplace in our homes. At work, we use smart machines, drive smart cars, and even live in smart cities.

It is thought that by 2023, more than 43 billion devices will be connected to the internet. They will create data, share it, collect it, and use it to help us. So, significant changes will come to how we use and talk on these devices in the future.

Before jumping down on the best IoT trends, let’s look closely at how to stay current with IoT trends.

How To Stay Update With IoT Trends

Businesses can use the constant action line to keep up with changing technology and continue growing:

  • Learn: Keep up with the latest tech trends and how they can benefit your business.
  • Plan: Figure out how to make them happen without putting the business on hold.
  • Check: Make sure the system is compatible, that you have financial knowledge, that your manual is available, etc.
  • Refine: Make changes to your plan based on your final needs.
  • Execute: Put your plan into action.

Let’s look Closely At the 9 Best IoT Trends in 2023


In 2029, this market will reach $163.83 billion. There are more than 170 million blockchain wallets, $11.7 billion is spent on blockchain solutions worldwide, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 56.3%. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that blockchain has a lot of benefits.

Due to its distributed ledger, we can use blockchain technology in many different areas. Blockchain lets people access data in real-time and keeps things from being changed by anyone who doesn’t own them.

Blockchain can make digital assets, smart contracts, and secure data and digital assets. It also makes it easier to see what’s happening and keep track of the solutions.

It also helps people to avoid buying fake items. Doing this can help people trust your brand and keep customers returning.


It is one of the best IoT trends in 2023 that is changing quickly. Because of changes in Computing and its many types and branches, you can be sure that job opportunities in all fields will continue to grow.

Let’s discuss some ways of Computing.

Ways of Computing:

Following are some ways of Computing that you can use in technology applications:

Cloud computing

It is a new way to use a computer. You can choose between premise-based or virtual data and application management. The cloud lets you have your virtual space and infrastructure without worrying about physical security or data maintenance centres.

Cloud service providers offer technologies for which you only need to pay for what you will use. It saves both money and time.

Edge computing

It is another new technology that can help you to solve problems caused by the vast amount of data made every minute worldwide. By 2023, this technology’s market will arrive at $6.72 billion.

Edge computing helps in storing and processing data easily and fast. It is a technology that builds on cloud technology and helps to make up for cloud flaws.

Quantum computing

It is the next big IoT trend to look out for in 2023. Due to progress in quantum physics, you use superposition and quantum entanglement in computers. Compared to regular computers, quantum computers are more efficient and faster.

Big IT companies, like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, are spending money to develop new technology. You can use Quantum computing in finance and banking, health care, security, research, engineering, and other fields. It will reach $2.5 billion by 2029.

Data Science and AI

As the amount of data in the world grows, people have learned how to manage and turn it into something useful, like insights. We have also learned how to process data, visualise it, evaluate it, and even guess what will happen next so we can make better decisions.

So, data science is one of the new IoT technology trends, but there will be less of it in 2023. By 2030, artificial intelligence will add 14% to the global GDP.

Data science and AI are becoming more popular in places like automated data analytics, AI devices and control systems, data-as-a-service, AI chatbots, machine learning-as-a-service, and augmented analytics. Integrations of AI, IoT, and Metaverse are also growing.

AI has led to the creation of smart devices we all use daily. This AI technology makes smartwatches, home appliances, smartphones, and other devices that can better do things on their own.


It is a virtual reality space where people can make digital characters and talk to others. They can improve their online presence and grow differently by using different metaverse platforms.

Movies like The Matrix and Ready Player One show us what it might be like to live in a metaverse. IoT and AR/VR systems would not exist without AI, no matter how casual they seem.

Facebook is a sign of widespread technology, i.e. also known as Meta. Companies can use the Metaverse by investing in digital resources, digital spaces for marketing, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Businesses can gain in many ways by getting their customers involved in the Metaverse, running campaigns about their new products or services, and getting more potential customers.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA automates repetitive tasks so people can use their brains more creatively and avoid making mistakes simultaneously. This Internet of Things (IoT) trend helps businesses to become more efficient and productive.

Concerns about the use of RPA in businesses are also growing. Some say that automation could take away jobs from people and lead to unemployment.

But it is important to remember that RPA makes jobs in areas like analysis, development, architecture, and engineering. So, instead of unemployment, there would be a change in the types of available jobs.

RPA can handle data, understand apps, and answer emails. Also, as the technology improves, you can use RPA more often.

Digital Security

Because technology is getting better, there are more risks. Hence, it would help if you handled some risks like the loss of confidential information, the chance of a data breach, hacking, phishing, and spamming.

So, to avoid these risks, we need to make technologies that combine different app, engineering, and AI strategies.

So, software and techniques for digital security and compliance keep getting better and better.

When you use digital security tools to protect your system, it becomes very trustworthy and reliable. It protects your customers as well as those who work with it.

You can also work on growing your business instead of worrying about privacy and security.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

In 2025, the virtual reality market will reach $22 billion. VR lets you use your virtual knowledge in the real world, which is a helpful feature for us.

It has apps for education, research, health care, sports (both real and virtual), and many other things worth $22 billion.

Using a virtual simulation, you can train for real-life situations or learn more about the Metaverse or gaming.

We can also mix augmented and virtual reality by using different kinds of real-time data to make a simulation that looks like our natural world. It makes the experience more authentic.

This piece of real-world data can tell the difference between AR and VR. And putting these two together will make it feel genuine. In 2024, the AR market will reach of worth $50 billion.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is going to be a big trend in 2023. It means things that connect to the internet can access it. The information from these things or tools can be gathered, written down, and analysed.

About 7.74 billion IoT devices are connected to the internet now, which will grow by 25 billion in the next seven years.

IoT devices are also growing daily, and smart tools are helping to make more information worldwide.

When electronics, home appliances, business tools, and machinery are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s easy to control them from a distance, interact with them, and automate them. So, IoT is a vital part of automation.

IoT devices like health monitors, Fitbits, and home appliances can store the information you can use to track customer experiences and improve business.


People think that 5G services will be an essential IoT future trend because they will change how we see and talk about the world online.

By 2026, there will be about 4.8 billion 5G subscriptions worldwide. By 2023, IoT will cost $1.1 trillion, with smart cities spending $189.5 billion. By 2022, about 13% of consumers will have subscribed to 5G.

All telecom companies are working hard to get the technology out as soon as possible. It is one step toward bringing augmented and virtual realities closer to the real world. Each can use 5G to use AR and VR and play more advanced games.

With 5G, you can use cameras to make public areas safer, devices have better bandwidth, it will be much easier to streamline services, GPS will get better, and driverless cars will be possible.

IoT will also affect everything. Also, 5G has brought us closer to this world in some ways. So, it’s a technology that every ordinary person looks forward to.


The Internet of Things (IoT) trends we’ve discussed will keep you updated and help you to reach your new digital transformation goals. Integrating your business strategies with the newest technologies will help you to stay competitive and give your business the necessary tools to grow.

It lets you stay ahead of the game. As a result, businesses must evolve in the most significant way.


Paul Louth

Paul Louth is a Business Analyst in a reputed mobile app development company that provide their services in wordldwide. Along with Android and iPhone app development, the company also has vast experience in working on on-demand app development solutions such as ott platform development, car wash app development, laundry app development, food delivery app development etc.

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