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7 Emerging Trends in Educational Technology in 2022

The event of the novel covid-19 brought many changes to the education sector. At that time, the whole world moved to remote learning and working. Even today, many students like to learn online because of its benefits. The trait is that technology helped us continue education amid a global outbreak. Also, today we have many learning ways and technical academic trends. Perhaps you are aware of most of the tech trends in 2022. If not, do not worry because this article will show you the top seven emerging educational trends.

Maybe you are one of those students who do not prefer to learn in a classroom. If so, the good news is that classic learning is fading away. Attending campus classes early in the morning is now an old learning way. Today, most students like to learn remotely. Even many postgrad scholars use dissertation writer online services to write a winning research paper. Thanks to academic technology students can get help from the internet.

The Top Seven Emerging Educational Technology Trends in 2022

Students these days have many ways to educate themselves. Some years ago, the only possible way to earn a degree was to go to school and give exams. However, now a student can enroll in an online degree program and earn a degree sitting at home. Perhaps you wonder how it all happened in such a short period. Well, technology helped us grow the education sector in the recent decade. Due to it, we could study during the covid-19 through online learning. In the same way, academic experts say that some more academic trends are emerging in 2022.

Most people are unaware of the academic tech trends in 2022. Perhaps you also want to know more about the emerging trends in education in 2022. If so, here are the top seven trends of 2022 that may take over the education sector in the future.


Hopefully, you already know what e-learning is. It is the simplest yet most effective learning way we have. E-learning helped us tackle covid-19 by studying from home. With the help of E-learning, students do not have to attend campus life to take their classes. Instead, they need a laptop, stable internet, and the will to study. Most students call e-learning more helpful than any other learning way.

Competency-Based Learning

Perhaps you are unaware of it, yet it will be ruling the education sector in the future. In 2022, many well-known schools adopt the idea of competency-based learning. In this learning way, students can study their liked skills and master them. Also, academic experts believe that it will take over every other learning way in the future.


Everyone knows how much students love to play games, whether indoor or outdoor. Nearly every student shows interest in some sort of game. Thus, academic experts brought this idea of including games in education, they call it Gamification. This is the best innovation in educational technology and a lucrative way to engage students in education. In Gamification, students have to play games based on education and course materials. For example, Gamification offers kids puzzle games, which can boost their cognitive skills of them. Besides, it offers a higher retention rate than any other learning way.

Moreover, most history teachers can take benefit from Gamification. For example, they can assign their students a task to play “Call of Duty” or a battlefield game series to understand WWI and WW2 history. By solving riddles and puzzles about education, students can learn a lot.

The Rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) arose in the last decade. Today, it is improving the education sector in many things. We have AI-based online exam tactics and chatbots. Teachers these days do not have to take exams and check them themselves. AI online exams can do this for teachers to reduce the burdens. Also, AI learning management systems help schools keep track of students’ attendance, academic records, and test reminders. As AI improves many things in the education sector, experts call it a major academic trend in 2022.

Nano-Learning Technique

The nano-learning academic trend is no doubt the best thing for students. It helps students complete online degree programs and courses in a short period. Students can access any online course instantly and start learning. Plus, the course content will be Nano/digestible, so students do not feel stressed while studying. The nano-learning way is based on small-scale learning. Experts believe small-scale learning can lower stress levels and help students absorb more content.

VR in Education

Most people know about VR (virtual reality), yet they are unaware of the fact that experts are bringing VR into education. Yes, VR in education is one of the biggest academic tech trends in 2022. It is also one of the emerging techs around the world, and most famous schools like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc., are using it. VR can produce realistic graphics, sounds, and motion, which can be ideal for practical work for engineering students. For example, VR can help students understand geometrical shapes in-depth.

Besides, some well-known schools use VR to teach history to students. VR is apt to produce a virtual world that feels realistic. Thus, students can tour ancient Rome or the Ice Age era with the help of VR. This way, they will understand and memorize history better and for a longer period.

Personalized Learning

Many students do not like to learn from textbooks, whereas some are bookworms. Every student is different and likes a unique learning way. However, a decade or two ago, there was no learning way but the traditional one. Luckily, in 2022, we have personalized learning, which can let students learn in their desired way. For example, if a student learns better through visuals, they can opt for it. On the other hand, if someone has difficulty reading or seeing, they can learn by listening to course content.


Luckily, you live in a digital world where even writing a research paper can be easy using dissertation writer online services. Besides, we believe this article helped you be aware of the emerging academic tech trends in 2022. These trends will change the future of education in the coming years.

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