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5 Tips to Buy Vintage Leather Jacket Online

Vintage leather jackets have established themselves as classic staples of style and fashion. Vintage leather jackets are statement clothing pieces that can transform your look from zero to hero instantly. From the WWII pilots, who wore A-2 bomber leather jackets, to the rock stars who wore them in their music videos, these timeless pieces of fashion have been seen all over history.

There are so many vintage leather jackets to choose from, but how can you tell if they’re original? What do you look for? Here are 5 tips that will help you buy a real vintage leather jacket, without being scammed or ripped off.

1.    Buy Vintage Leather Jackets From Reputable Online Stores

The popularity of the vintage leather jacket has made it a highly sought-after item online. Several brands offer vintage leather jackets online. These online stores provide you with the facility to order the jackets from their website and deliver them to your place.

You need to be very careful while buying a vintage leather jacket online. It is suggested to buy a leather jacket from a reputable store rather than buying one from a store that does not sell genuine items. So, if you want to buy vintage leather jacket, do your research well before making the purchase.

2.    Check The Lining

The lining of your jacket is just as important as its exterior. Check if it’s secure (no rips or holes). The lining of your jacket will also affect how warm it keeps you during the winter months depending on what it’s made of. For example, cotton linings don’t do much to keep you warm because they absorb moisture. Silk and wool linings keep you warm but tend to be more expensive than other options like polyester and fleece.

3.    Make Sure It’s Real Leather

Leather is an expensive material, so there will be some knock-offs on the market. One way to distinguish real from fake is by its weight. Real leather is heavy, while the knock-off version is light. It should also smell like leather — not like plastic or chemicals. Another good way to spot a fake leather jacket at first glance is to look out for the grain and texture. Leather grains are quite prominent, while fake leather has a smooth texture.

4.    Take Notes of  The Label

One of the easiest ways to check if your jacket is genuine is by looking at the labels. Most vintage jackets have either a “Genuine Cowhide” or “Genuine Cowhide Leather” label stitched inside them. There are many other labels that you can look for as well, like lambskin, etc. Bear in mind that genuine cowhide and lambskin do not mean that your jacket is genuine; they just indicate that it’s made from a specific hide (as opposed to fake leather).

5.    Return Policy

This is the first thing to consider before buying a vintage jacket online. You never know how the jacket will fit you or what material it is made of until it arrives at your doorstep. Therefore, ensure that the website offers a return policy in case you wish to change the size or get a refund if you don’t like something about the product.

To sum up everything, you should always check if the seller is reliable, read all the policies and instructions. With these considerations in mind and a little caution, purchasing vintage leather jacket online is very simple. It’s difficult to locate good vintage leather jackets, but once you do, there’s no turning back. And it doesn’t hurt to spend a little extra to get a classy vintage look!

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