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5 Best Features of HubSpot

HubSpot is a most famous B2B business tool and it is one of the best market-leading CRM solutions as well. It is one of the best sales and marketing tools that will provide a detailed list of features which has been categorized under marketing sales, services and operations. No doubt, it will perfectly boost business operations. It is quite important and compulsory these days to get in touch with potential clients to stay in the market. This CRM solution will provide the best solutions to small businesses to check every single activity of business to make it efficient all the way. Moreover, it has amazing features that will easily add contacts, leads, prospects, and company information.

There are a lot more impressive features you will see in HubSpot CRM. We will discuss with you here a few solutions which are enough for you to understand its efficiency completely. It will help out sales team to grow business revenue. All the way, it is a complete solution for any type of business to improve its efficiency to stand out confidently in the market.

5 Best Features of HubSpot-Everything You Need in Detail

Read all these features carefully to understand everything about this intelligent software. It will be good enough to share this useful knowledge related to HubSpot features with others.

1.    Website Activity Tracking

This CRM solution will allow enterprises to track how leads will interact with the personal website. It will give accurate information about what pages people are visiting and how much time they are spending on specific niche pages. It will also share details about the visitor and where they are located as well. You might be thinking about how HubSpot can do so? It directly tracks the user’s website activity with the help of browser cookies.

2.    Task Management

Here is another impressive solution you will see regarding track management which allows you to manage your to-do lists within the CRM. It can perfectly include anything from an initial task to something hard. Inside the CRM, you will see that you can better set the priority, task status, and task deadline respectively. This CRM is much more intelligent in assigning tasks to other team members. It can effectively manage notifications for the respective task and finally, it will generate auto-task options.

3.    Email Integration and Tracking

HubSpot has a brilliant feature in it that will allow the users to connect with GSuite, Office 365, and other email clients through it. You can frequently send emails to your valued clients by using this platform respectively. Business professionals have to use HubSpot email-related features and it will efficiently manage to report all the way. it will gather all types of useful information in one place and it will not make you feel down by its choice ever. here, the sales team can better increase their outreach if they regularly do follow-up calls upon email opens or clicks.

Meeting Scheduling Tool

Business meetings and discussions are most important for any type of business these days. This tool will provide you with the best options to schedule meetings with your contacts in a better way. Here you need to know an interesting thing HubSpot is the best alternate solution for an application known as Calendly which is widely famous for scheduling meetings.

4.    Lead Scoring

This HubSpot feature will help you to qualify for business leads. The basic purpose of this tool is to enhance business efficiency so, that businesses can better focus on the most important leads. Here, users can set different benchmarks which you can use to qualify leads respectively. If leads meet that benchmark will be rewarded with positive points and in another scenario vice versa.

5.    SMS Automation

The respective feature of HubSpot is quite similar to the email automation feature of HubSpot. It will also help you to manage workflow. It will send an SMS to the customer if the workflow is triggered. There are several chances that you can generate high-quality opportunities through this tool.

Final Thoughts

All these features of HubSpot are much supportive for the enterprises and other features of HubSpot too. Feel free to use these features for your business operations to make them smooth and efficient all the way.

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