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5 Benefits of Bathroom Grab Bars that Make them Worth-Having Inside Homes

There are home installations and home additions that are not required but are very advantageous to have. One of them is bathroom grab bars. 

Pretty sure, most of you do not know what bathroom grab bars exactly are. To be honest, I know that they exist, however, I didn’t really know what they are called. Basically, these grab bars are the silver bars built in bathrooms and shower rooms, which you can hold onto to support yourself. No wonder, they are also called “support bars”. 

Although support bars are mostly seen in public comfort rooms, hospitals and public facilities for physically handicapped persons, they can be situated in residential properties too. You’d be thankful for their friendly service if you have them. Know more by reading the list below. Here are 5 benefits of bathroom grab bars that make them worth-having inside homes! 

1 – Grab bars assist senior citizens.

bathroom grab bars
Photo credit: Signature Hardware

For your family members who are part of the senior citizen community, installing bathroom grab bars is a very respectful decision. 

Dear elderly loved ones who now have difficulties in moving a lot need extra assistance when using comfort rooms. They need someone’s help and guidance even when they are just walking from one room to another inside the house. Yes, even the simple tasks that people can do, they can be a little more challenging for our beloved senior family members. Without aid, they can hurt themselves or get into accidents. 

Bathroom grab bars are totally contributive as they serve as that ‘someone’ to assist senior family members and homeowners. They can be used by them, so that even if they are living alone or living with another senior citizen, they will remain safe and helped. If they are struggling when getting up or sitting down, bathroom grab bars will be there for them!

As you know, the human body becomes slower and experiences difficulty as it ages. Soon, you will also grow old and become a senior member of the society yourself. With bathroom grab bars now, you will still benefit even in the far future. 

2 – They provide help to people with mobility and balance issues.

bathroom grab bars
Photo credit: Luxury Bath

Regardless of age, some people have mobility and balance issues. Physical instability is the challenge they are faced with, and it is probably due to in-born physical conditions or accidents that caused injuries to them. This confronts their confidence, especially if they have experienced getting hurt so many times already because of falling down or slipping. 

No doubt, bathrooms are among the coziest areas of the house, but they can also be the most hazardous due to the floor’s slipperiness when wet and sometimes even when the glossy tiles are dry. 

People having trouble with their body movements and balance are at risk of experiencing mishaps in the bathroom, so support bars are needed indeed. Placed closed to the toilet, shower, sink or tub, these bathroom grab bars will make the room less dangerous and more comfortable. This surely relieves homeowners.     

3 – Little kids use grab bars for safety.

grab bars
Photo credit: Pinterest

Do you have kids at home? Little kids and naughty kiddos to be exact. The usual concern of mommies and daddies when it comes to supervising tiny tots moving and playing inside the house is their safety, of course. 

The comfort room, being a high-risk area, particularly for children, is always watched out for. Parents cannot let their kiddos enter the bathroom all by themselves because they might slip, fall, trip and hurt themselves for running around or for simply not being able to walk steadily yet (for young kids). Many health problems will arise from there. 

Install bathroom grab bars to lessen such a worry. Needless to say, you still should not allow little ones to enter the comfort room by themselves, especially when the floor is slippery and if they are just going to play there. These support bars will be helpful while you are bathing them inside the bathroom. Teach them to use these grab bars for their safety, and see them bring that habit as they grow up. 

4 – You may use them to hang towels and clothes.

bathroom grab bars
Photo credit: Morey Remodeling Group

As an alternative to wall hooks and racks, bathroom grab bars may be used to hang towels and clothes. I don’t highly recommend this though because it would still be best to have hooks for items in the comfort room, however, just in case the only thing you have yet is a set of bathroom grab bars, then you may utilize them to temporarily hold some of your clothes and towels. Just don’t forget to wipe them in case they get wet, so that those who will use them for support will not slip while holding onto them.  

5 -Bathroom grab bars are tax-deductible.


Home improvements and additions related to medical care are subject to tax depreciation benefits since they add value to your property and are tax-deductible! Bathroom grab bars can be one of them. Enjoy tax deductions and claims by having these support bars making your life better!  



If it is for your family’s safety and convenience, any home installation would be worthwhile. Bathroom grab bars may not be strict necessities for bathrooms, but they lend a helping hand to hands that need assistance. Both for the young and the old, they are surely serviceable.     



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. Nicole is a daytime writer for Depreciator, an Australian-based company specializing in tax depreciation schedules. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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