4 Essential Foot Care Products

Have you ever realized the role of your feet in your daily life? These unsung heroes work hard and hit their limits almost every day. Sadly, they are the most unloved part of our body. It’s a bitter fact that most of us usually do not look after them every day. If this dryness is left untreated, it can lead to cracks that are more susceptible to infection. If value your face or hands, why not your feet? Instead of making things worse, you can prevent it by taking action every day. If you don`t know where to start, this blog is for you. Effective on both either wet or dry feet. For optimal results, use it with scrub after a bath or shower. Keep your feet soft and silky with this best-selling foot file which is available at The Body Shop Voucher Code.

Check out these 4 essential foot care products to soothe your aching feet and make them smoother and softer.

1- Foot File

The foot file is considered a part of a typical foot care routine to exfoliate the dead skin and preserve the softness of feet and heels. The Body Shop Wooden Foot File is dual-sided, long-lasting and handy. You just have to gently massage the parch areas of the heels and feet. It cautiously removes dead skin, treats cracked heels and exfoliates without damaging the skin as most battery-powered foot files do. Its longer handle makes it easy to hold and control, unlike other electric callus remover or pumice stone. This attitude results in harsh consequences as the skin of our heels is unique. It tends to suffer from excessive dryness, which is available at The Body Shop Voucher Code.


2- Peppermint Foot Cream

The peppermint foot cream by the body shop is a worthy boost of hydration that bring overworked feet back to life. The formula features cocoa seed butter, soya bean oil and peppermint essential oil. Peppermint oil is effective for foot and muscle pains as it improves blood circulation. This cream penetrates deeply into the skin and keeps your feet soft like velvet over a long period. Pat onto hard skin on feet and heels with this moisturizing cream at night to soothe your feet. It gets absorbed quickly and does not leave your feet greasy.


3- Peppermint Cooling & Reviving Foot Spray

Keep this incredible peppermint foot spray in your fridge for a summertime delight! Its little prickly bottle of goodness is supplemented with cooling peppermint essential oil, Grape extract, Cacao Seed Butter and Menthol. This deodorizing spray is suitable for all skin types. It cooling sensation keep your feet recharged and helps to prevent an unpleasing foot odor.


4- Hemp Foot Protector

If you’re suffering from dry, coarse skin and heels, this Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector is best for you. It brings you one step closer to silk-soft feet like a baby. It is specifically formulated for ultra-dry skin. With its pure hemp seed oil and essential fatty acids, this Hemp Foot Protector provides boastful moisture to your hard-working feet. It helps relieve and soften ultra-dry feet 24 hours of heavy-duty hydration.

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