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2023 Guide to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Want to sell more on Amazon? Are you facing difficulties in operational processes? Fulfillment Centers or FBA is the ultimate solution for all your difficulties and challenges.

In 2006, the FBA service was launched to streamline customer and seller processes. And continuously burst into the wildly effective feature that supports customer service challenges and alleviates fulfillment.

Through this FBA service, third-party sellers can benefit from infrastructure and, most importantly, amazon customers. Sellers and customers benefit from this service through fast product receiving, more reliable service, and shipping.

Amazon has more than 175 fulfillment centers worldwide, and you will also find Amazon Warehouse in Toronto and other US states. So let’s check how you can use FBA to improve operational processes, enhance brand awareness and increase sales.

Why choose Amazon FBA?

According to a study, more than 50% of third-party sellers prefer Amazon FBA. This record lets you understand how useful and valuable this service is. So, let’s check why you should choose an FBA:

Top-notch warehousing and logistics facilities:

When you join Fulfillment by Amazon, you can access Amazon’s premium fulfillment centers, tractor-trailers, air freight, bike couriers, cargo ships, and aerial drones.

 Amazon has one of the world’s most advanced distribution networks, with tens of thousands of full-time employees working alongside the robots.

The facilities and workforce you can use and Amazon’s many years of experience and knowledge are known worldwide. 

Free and fast shipping:

Fun fact: Amazon is the thought leader in same-day delivery. In addition to same-day delivery, Prime subscribers can get Prime Now 2-hour delivery, 1-day delivery, and 2-day shipping. The online retail giant has made this possible by strategically placing fulfillment centers worldwide and employing tens of thousands of FBA workers, especially during holidays and sales.

Guaranteed prime eligibility:

Amazon Prime subscribers rely heavily on the market’s fast and free delivery service. They don’t mind spending some cash on getting the shipping bonus and other

 perks exclusive to Prime members. With FBA, your products receive the Prime badge, giving you access to Amazon’s most loyal customer base: Prime customers

Customer service & return management:

Amazon’s trusted customer service team handles customer inquiries and supports you to ensure high customer satisfaction. Plus, Amazon handles returns and refunds for you.

How does the fulfillment center work?

A fulfillment center is a type of warehouse that is used to store and distribute products for online retailers. These facilities are typically large warehouses that are located near major transportation hubs, such as airports or railroads. Fulfillment centers are used to receive inventory from suppliers, store the products until they are needed, and then ship the products out to customers.

Fulfillment centers play an important role in e-commerce because they allow online retailers to outsource their warehousing and shipping needs. This can save businesses a lot of money and allow them to focus on other aspects of their operations. For customers, fulfillment centers help ensure that orders are filled quickly and accurately.

Step 1: First, decide which products you want to sell. After that, research product and consumer trends and check which products bear maximum profitability. Better if you will also check the price difference between the online and retail prices for the same product.

Step 2: find a vendor or manufacturer to supply your needed products. Deliberate the factors like trustworthiness, output excellence, and reliability.

Step 3: You must sign up for Amazon fulfillment centers and create a listing for every item you want to promote. There are some restrictions you need to follow when listing a product, such as adding all the information that consumers need to know. This includes the item’s title, images, price, and description.

Step 4: Now, you must ship your inventories to Amazon through any freight carrier or yourself.

Step 5: once your product arrives at the warehouse, Amazon will take care of the rest. They will take care of end-to-end shipping and logistic services such as distributing the products to warehouses, packing, and shipping to the consumer.

Step 6: Amazon also handles customer service and handles returns and refunds.

Amazon FBA charges explained:

You need to pay a fee while using an FBA. Let’s check;

The subscription fee for the seller account:

Amazon provides two types of plans for the sellers such as;

Individual plan: it costs CAD $1.49 for each product without any monthly subscription charges. If you plan to sell less than 20 products in a month, it is the best choice.

Professional plan:

It costs CAD $29.99 per month and is the best choice for sellers who want to sell more than 20 products in a month.

Referral fees:

Amazon charges a commission fee for every product sold on its platform. It can be a flat fee or less than 15%. You will pay for this after your product is sold. It differs in categories such as, for amazon device accessories, the referral fee is CAD $0.40, and for grocery, it is more than CAD $20.00.

FBA Fees:

Four types of FBA fees exist storage, packing, and managing inventory. The fees depend on the product’s category, size, and weight. The minimum FBA fee is CAD $3.37, and the maximum is CAD $125.00. it is for the oversized product.

Storage fees:

As you are storing your inventory at the warehouse, you must pay two types of storage charges: monthly and long-term storage fees. Monthly storage fees are CAD $24 to CAD $33, depending on the time and product size.

Removal order fees:

Amazon charges CAD $0.30 to CAD $1.30 as removal order fees depend on the shipping weight.

Return processing fees:

Amazon provides free returns for consumers that the sellers will shoulder. It’s equal to the entire fulfillment charge for a specified product.

Additional fees:

You must pay additional charges when your inventory has no appropriate preparation or labeling. Amazon charges a per-product fee for prep service, label service, repackaging service, and manual processing service.

For more information, check the official site of Amazon FBA.

Final Words:

Amazon FBA is the best option for third-party sellers who want to enhance their brand awareness and sell more. You will find warehouses everywhere in the world mostly. If you are trying to find FBA Amazon Canada, you can simply visit the seller central of amazon. 


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